Play Me That Song (The Emo Guy And The Guitar Girl)

She has a frightening past. He has a problem but won't admit it. His brother can't live without him. Their band is the only family they know. And she walks right into the middle of all of it.
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...... Noh boy i have lost all my respect for you..... There are things called genres you dumbshit
@DancingNerd18. For you to dance you have to have music. You do speak music through dancing.
I bet my boyfriend wished he could find this girl  I speak dance and fighting, he speaks music
I wish I spoke guitar.... Awh.... Hey I speak horse though.... Is that good enough?
why do all those ppl in stories have feaking beautiful eyes? and here i am stuck with some weird dull eyecolour
"Well you don't look like the kind of person who would call it screamo instead of its actual genre" I said

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