Play Me That Song (The Emo Guy And The Guitar Girl)

She has a frightening past. He has a problem but won't admit it. His brother can't live without him. Their band is the only family they know. And she walks right into the middle of all of it.
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Holy crap that's my favorite song too!!!!
And I like Ronnie better. Craig is a major but hole.
I think I like Craig better cause I don't discover the band till after Ronnie left but I do love Falling In Reverse
I think I perfer Craig in escape the fate I wasn't a fan of Ronnies voice back then...
I never knew Ronnie left! That's why one minuet, he was is Escape The Fate, and next, he's in Falling In Revers! o:
Yeeessssshhh but I do like Craig too I mean their not as good as they were when Ronnie was there but they are still pretty good
...... Noh boy i have lost all my respect for you..... There are things called genres you dumbshit

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