Play Me That Song (The Emo Guy And The Guitar Girl)

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She has a frightening past.
    He has a problem but won't admit it.
    His brother can't live without him.
    Their band is the only family they know.
    And she walks right into the middle of all of it.
I did when I was younger, kinda. But my guitar teacher ditched us so I still don't know guitar *cries in a corner with you*
ETF put Ronnie in jail for doing drugs so… I'm just defending my band. Ronnie even tried to make up with the band but they just kept pushing FIR(Falling In Reverse (Ronnie's newish band)) buttons so I'm sorry if any of you guys like ETF but they did get a person in jail…
When Ronnie left they didn't break up they got a new lead singer in 2008 named Craig Mabbitt
OMG I LOVE FALLING IN REVERSE.......*clears throat* sorry...lost my cool there...Im the quite one I don't talk a lot. well not in front of people anyway
im very self-conscious about myself.......I hate the scars I have on my body. from all the rough housing I do with my cousins.....God I hate my body!
I. feel. So. misplaced! I would love to learn guitar but my mom didn't have the money for lessons or a guitar.......*goes in a corner* im So lonely.