Play Me That Song (The Emo Guy And The Guitar Girl)

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guitargal123 By guitargal123 Completed
She has a frightening past.
He has a problem but won't admit it.
His brother can't live without him.
Their band is the only family they know.
And she walks right into the middle of all of it.
briannaIsabella12 briannaIsabella12 a month ago
yea like when Ronnie left... But now I have a tiny obsession with falling in reverse
That's what people always say to me and I'm like 'I liked heavy metal and screamo before it was cool.'
IceWolves23 IceWolves23 2 months ago
That's how you know she's a keeper. Cars, guns, sports, and music knower. Plus food. Gotta know food
Deathjr112 Deathjr112 2 months ago
I like ronnie and craig cuz ive heard them both buh personally craig sounds better with ETF and Ronnie with FIR
mimsy2014 mimsy2014 2 months ago
I'm writing a story with a Grace in it!! The main character as well!!
Liveoffbadboys Liveoffbadboys 3 months ago
Holy crap that's my favorite song too!!!!
And I like Ronnie better. Craig is a major but hole.