Random. Quiet. Friendly. Reliable. Stubborn. Critical. Space-y. Anything else to explain me, It'd be best if you figure that out by messaging xP

I love many mangas, animes, sports, and other things. What I would love to become is either an actor/singer, pastry chef, or even a writer (if I can even keep a constant original story...)

I am always open to take drabble requests! :D (But I only do reader inserts~)

I'm embarrassed by my old works -.- I am so glad that I have improved this much. (Before I edited my 'About Me' it made it look like I was an illiterate 13 year old. Sorry if I offended anyone!)

Here's a list of quite a few animes/mangas I know and/or reading/watching - wow so many slashes <.<
Fruits Basket
Angel Beats
Full Metal Alchemist
Ouran High School Host Club
Death Note
Axis Powers: Hetalia (obvious from all my works)
Vampire Knight
Baka and Test
Soul Eater
Kitchen Princess
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

I also love reading other novels and series like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and so many others (reading freak)

So... I'm not sure what else to put.

-I'm so good at sleep; I can do it with my eyes closed.
-If you say gullible REALLY slowly, it sounds like orange.
-Some times harsh truths are better than sweet lies
-(Is filled with many other random stuff and facts)
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Wound Up in Hetalia

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Description: Haven't we all dreamed of going inside Hetalia? Well now you can! In this story you, as the character, have the time of your lives doing anything you want. But it is also said that you have a powerful and secret power. What could it be?

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Ouran High School Host Club 7 Minutes in Heaven

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Anime Contest Entries

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Hetalia One-Shots

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Kairi-chan posted a message to furubaJB15
I ♥ ur wound up in Hetalia story! JAPAN! Sorry I'm a hard core Japan fangirl. your stories are awesome (don't tell Prussia.) I see your a Russia fangirl by your icon. HETALIANS GO FORTH!