i'm georgia
                i'm fifteen, and i live in nottingham, england.
                i like to write stories
                talk shit about liam payne and i will carve out your ovaries (◕‿◕✿)
                i cry a lot over silly things
                i will be reading fanfiction on my deathbed goodbye world
                i am not an emotional giant fuck you sophie
                if you like teen wolf then we can be friends
                talk to me, i dont bite
                tumblr: http://paynsy.tumblr.com/
                ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/everykingdom
                thank you for reading my stories, i love you.

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Avalon [Harry Styles]

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Description: "What if we're dead, Harry?"

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shaffawoody posted a message to finnickfan
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Hi georgia. 21letters has been my favourite one, so i found it while i find the translate on indonesian language. I cry a lot, i just felt charlie a lot, even my parent weren't dead, i dont have adopt sister. My english would so bad, im sorry soooooo fucking much. But i love you and your story af. You wrote it soooo deeeeep, and i can't handle my tears, please update soon. I beg you, a lot
I am sooooo in love with your story 21 Letters to Niall and I've cried so much, happy and sad tears of course. I can't wait for you to update and you're like one of my top five favorite authors! Idc if you respond I just wanted to let you know
Jaybrixoxoxo posted a message to finnickfan
Hi! Idc if you don't respond to this... I just wanted to say you are amazing. Just pure amazing nothing else. I'm a huge fan of you work. I don't even know what to write now but you are awesome! xxx 
finnickfan commented on Caffeine Addiction - Chapter 1

hi! so as far i can see you've got good sentence structure, a lot of this flows nicely and it was a good start - you referenced to stuff and made the reader curious, which was nice. i also liked the personal voice you created, with her thoughts and stuff. 

it is slightly cliche'd (slightly!!) and maybe to improve i'd probably suggest adding maybe some more adverbs/adjectives, etc, also commas! i love commas. just think about if you were saying the sentence out loud whether it would sound natural to you.

and be careful when you're using speech, make sure to always have it end in some kind of punctuation, don't just have "Blah blah", have "Blah blah." If it's going to be followed by a 'he said' etc then you can't end it with a full stop, use a comma/exclamation mark/question mark !

but good start :))