It's very possible that I'll just bounce in and out of fan fiction/this account forever, but y'know, we'll just see what happens. In the meantime, hey, I'm Kay.

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As Far As I'm Concerned [Ziam Palik AU]

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Description: He didn't just fall in love with a demon; he fell in love with death.

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I have about a... 10k one shot I wrote last year that's only kind of fitting to 1D. Should I even think about posting it??
TheCrazySide commented on faster than rain - circumstance

That was a gorgeous poem! (I'm assuming it was inspired by my story, VOC?) I love the way you styled the font and the message, as well as the way it just escalates and progresses until the very last line. Wow. Really nice, thank you for dedicating it to me, as well!