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A Dull Roar (One Direction One Shot)

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Description: "'Dammit Harry!' Niall slams his fist against the wall, so suddenly it causes Harry to jump. He watches as Niall shakes his head, seeming to try and recompose himself. When he does, he looks up with something almost resembling tears in his eyes, and...


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As Far As I'm Concerned [Ziam Palik AU]

As Far As I'm Concerned [Ziam Palik AU]

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He didn't just fall in love with a demon; he fell in love with death.

Victims Of Circumstance (One Direction AU)

Victims Of Circumstance (One Direction AU)

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"Could we have done something differently?" Maybe they’re the ones that pulled the triggers, but maybe...

Human [Harry Styles]

Human [Harry Styles]

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“Not everyone can be a hero. Sometimes, we forget that we're only human." Marley has made mistakes, one...

Long Story Short (Short Stories & Thoughts)

Long Story Short (Short Stories & Thoughts)

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Sometimes, it's better to just get to the point.


I swear this story makes me want to just float away (and don't even ask me to elaborate on that because I don't have the words to). 
      In short: I freaking love this story and am so glad that you updated. Also, I love Catfish and the Bottlemen so much, as well as how EVERYTHING IN WEAVING TOGETHER WITH THIS CRAZY STORY. 
      ALSO, thank you so much for the dedication, I'm very honored! <3 
      ALSO ALSO, congrats on getting into your first school! That's fantastic! (As a fellow senior I know the extreme stress of college approaching)
TheCrazySide commented on A Dull Roar (One Direction One Shot)

Oh my gosh you are too sweet. I really appreciate that you read this and also took the time to tell me that it gave you more to think about! Wow... I'm just really really humbled by your comments, thank you so much. 
      Ps. I love Criminal Minds and have heard that Gone Girl is really good, and that just made me really warm inside so thanks again!