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Kay, you deleted a dull roar ... BUT I fortunately I've already read it haha, so I'm here to tell you, IT WAS AMAZING OKAY? like the anticipation and the anxiety you put me through, wOW. you keep doing this to me, writing the good things, and making me wait for SOME inkling of writing from you, hope you write so more xx 
Alright I'm doing it, I'm posting it, gahhh. Trailer will be included, I have fear in my heart, that is all.

[Happy Friday though, guys!]
Because I've come to realize that A Dull Roar still needs a bit more work and additional scenes added to it, I'm going to move the release date of it to Friday. I would do it tomorrow, but I don't think it's necessarily appropriate for Thanksgiving Day (for all us 'Muricans) so... Yes.

Friday, the the 28th it should be posted! Sorry for the delay, but if you're interested and haven't seen it yet, I posted a trailer I made for the story yesterday! :)

Happy Wednesday!