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Hewrow there my muffin brethren! My name is gabby but you can call me THE WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS!! *sparkle sparkle ...okay I'm getting off topic here .. :3 whoops 
I'm a sucker for old sci fi movies and boys who can sing every red hot chili pepper song from memory.
I'm always broke because I spend all my money on crappy movies I fish out of walmarts five dollar bins because yanno who needs a social life when you've got several copies of sharknado ....speaking of walmarts five dollar movies bins, those things are deep man I wouldn't be surprised if I found little Jimmy's rotting carcass down there under about a billion copies of karate kid knock offs... 
*i have blue hair because why not ~cue kick ass maraca solo
*i write poetry and I have about 20 something published poems 
*i love pickles
*my favorite bands consist of the black keys, marina and the diamonds, and falling in reverse n.n
*i also write romance novels and whatnot but I never have the lady ballz to actually post them on wattpad
*i pretty much live on tumblr

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