My name is D. L. Mackenzie, and I'm a full-time working stiff who dreams of becoming a full-time writing stiff.  I write steampunk, or as I prefer to call it, "retro-Victorian science fiction mystery."  I've also written some short stories and scads of scandalously intemperate political pieces, but there's just something about the steampunk genre that won't let me go.

I've long been a fan of the old masters of early science fiction such as Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, as well as other beloved classic writers such as Mark Twain.  I'm also a confirmed word addict; I love collecting obscure words.  Somehow these perverse predilections have combined with other diverse influences such as Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Dr. Who, and Monty Python to produce The Magnetron Chronicles, a loving parody of Victorian-era pulp fiction.

I'm now working in secret on my sixth Magnetron Chronicles novelette (slated for release later this year at Amazon, etc.).  I'm also back to working on Station Five, my modern horror novel.  I hope you enjoy my stories and I look forward to your feedback!
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Kaiser44 posted a message to dlmackenzie
I just finished reading the first two novelettes in your Magnetron Chronicles series, and I must say I was thoroughly delighted with both the characters and the setting. I would merely like to offer a few critiques, that is that you more thoroughly explain the characters upon their introduction, for example I think that if a character has a pet that is often with them that should be included upon their introduction as sometimes that can get confusing. Furthermore, sometimes with the large gaps in time accounted for voyages you get a little vague and it can confuse people who don't know the geography of the region in question. That being said, I think the characters were each their own hilarious brand of person and you did an exceptional job fleshing out their personalities in a short span of reading, which brings me to my next point that being that although they are short works the story progresses rapidly but without feeling rushed. Hats off to you, sir. Why take ten pages to write what you can in two? The setting is extremely well-done and I like the blending of science and mythos; it's extremely interesting. My final point is that the language the pieces are written in is just the flowery script I would expect of a Late 19th-Century narrator. I absolutely adore that sort of literature as I grew up reading Doyle, Dickens, Hugo and the like. Just thought I should drop you a friendly critique and tell you I liked your work. Good day to you!