An elderly collector of second-hand books wrestles with his unusual ability to "read" the lives of his books' previous owners... and with one unique book he can't seem to read.
Well written, and I loved the idea. Thank you for a good read!
It made me wanna tell Lewis my story, because, like said, the stories we tell are truer then the real ones and  I often think of characters as real people. Congrats for a really good one.
I'm really glad I stumbled across this story. Very nice prose.
Cool story with a great concept and well executed.  Voted for it.
@dlmackenzie Yes, that would be a big change, and it would be a pity spoil a well-constructed short story.  But you could still use the concept - perhaps with a different main character?  That might work better, having a less passive personality than Lewis to build a longer story on.
Brilliant concept, great use of language for vivid descriptions.  In its current form it makes for a well constructed short story, neatly rounded off.  But the idea behind it has a lot more potential, and could be expanded into a full length novel.