An elderly collector of second-hand books wrestles with his unusual ability to "read" the lives of his books' previous owners... and with one unique book he can't seem to read.
I absolutely love the story it kept me very attentive as to what would happen next or what the story would really be about I love it you should definitely keep writing.
This is great ! It's absolutely stunning ! You've got to keep writing because this is amazing !
What a interesting idea! The concept held the readers and your writing style took it to a new level. Strange and scary, its an idea that can be explored. :)
This story is amazing, such an insightful story. The idea is very origonal. I don't even care if there are typos, the story was just so fascinating!
Well written, and I loved the idea. Thank you for a good read!
It made me wanna tell Lewis my story, because, like said, the stories we tell are truer then the real ones and  I often think of characters as real people. Congrats for a really good one.