I read more books than I can keep track of so feel free to advertise books to me, I love to read and would gladly give you my opinion.
My plans as of September 29th;
1. I'm currently working on a book called "The Wakening"
2. Next will be the sequel called "the opening".
Depending on how well those are liked, I will write a third book and make it a trilogy(: it's going to be good and it falls into the October theme as well so keep checking for updates!!!
Here is a list of my favorite books you should read:
+All books by NatashaPreston
+All books by Kirsty1000
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The Wakening

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Description: Eva has always been the shy type, she never got attention from anyone. Not that it mattered because she moved so much by the time anyone noticed her she was gone. He world gets turned on its head the day she moves into the halistead manor.

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protecting my heart(complete)(#1)

protecting my heart(complete)(#1)

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audrina was happy, mated, and carrying her mates pup. she comes home to tell him and finds out he's betr...