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The BLOOD MAGIC Saga is...

BLEEDER [Blood Magic, Book 1] - complete!
LETTERS FROM NEW YORK [Blood Magic, Book 2] - complete!
RULER [Blood Magic, Book 3] - returning soon!
REBELS [Blood Magic, Book 4] - TBA 2016
+ CHASING MILDRED (Bonus Story - read after you've read Part One of RULER)

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Chasing Mildred

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Description: This series of tweets, posted as part of the #TwitterFiction Festival 2015, flings you into the head of Nosferatu Keel as he schemes and plots to bring the sorceress Mills back to the Michigan compound. Essentially, it's Part One of RULER from Keel'...

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Letters From New York [Blood Magic, Book 2]

Letters From New York [Blood Magic, Book 2]

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Until Mills and Keel, the sorcerer-vampire bond was solely the stuff of folklore and legend – a whispere...

Bleeder [Blood Magic, Book 1]

Bleeder [Blood Magic, Book 1]

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Ruler [Blood Magic, Book 3]

Ruler [Blood Magic, Book 3]

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A Writer's Journal

A Writer's Journal

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A collection of pieces on writing, editing, publishing, Wattpad life, and online writing culture.

deathofcool commented on Chasing Mildred - Two

@KatherineArlene What I haven't been able to include anywhere yet, is that he only started getting them after he possessed Mills on the roof and they shorted out the bond. At that point it was forced to reconfigure itself and he got the dreams instead. 
      I think Garstatt alluded to some of the mechanics behind it during their little chat in Letters From New York, but the more one tries to untangle/break the bond, the more it re-knits itself in new configurations.
deathofcool commented on Chasing Mildred - Two

@KatherineArlene It made sense to have certain aspects of the bond, such as the nocturnal visitations, have the same physical side effects on Keel here as they did when Mills was experiencing them back in Ruler.  The biggest difference is, of course, what each of them perceives to be happening to them and how they individually process it. Mills, having way more knowledge about the bond than Keel, blamed the bond; Keel knowing less - and now battling the ingrained Nosferatu instincts the transition imbued him with - blames Mills.

(Continued from previous comment.)
      My biggest editorial note for you on this novel is that I was truly surprised when it ended. It left me wondering what part of the book was supposed to be the climax. Whatever part that was really needs to be amped up. Riley should be forced to face and overcome some daunting hurdle - there needs to be more of a threat to her or her relationship or something. The drama with her sister and her ex just isn't enough. At no time did I feel more than a passing concern about how she would navigate things, and a climax should be all about  leaving your readers at the edge of their seats about your heroine's fate. In an otherwise strong and well-written book, failing to raise the stakes for Riley before the denouement felt like a startling (and strange) omission. 
      I give this note/advice based on over fifteen years of working as a professional editor. If this book came across my editorial desk, that's the exact place I would request a rewrite/rework on. 
      At any rate, I hope this feedback proves useful, regardless of your eventual plans for Loving Ashe.  And thank you for sharing this otherwise very engaging love story.

Hello! I mentioned wanting to leave you a more detailed review last week and I've finally found fifteen minutes or so to do it. Huzzah! 
      Overall, you have a lot of good writing in this book and by about eight to ten chapters in, it becomes a real page-turner. Well done. 
      I did catch some confusing and run-on sentences, but I'll leave those for your future editor to sort out. Instead I'll focus on the characters and the narrative itself. 
      There are certain aspects of Riley's character that bugged me early in the novel (I'm pretty sure I left comments about them), but you backed off on them by mid-book so they ceased to concern me. I pretty much hated her sister, but I have the feeling we're supposed to, so good job. I did feel that some of my empathy for Riley dried up when she chose to avoid her nephews along with her sister (it's a crappy thing to do even if she's hurt) and even more so when she forced her sister's husband to confront his wife's infidelity against his will, even after Ashe told her that she should leave it between her sister and her sister's spouse (this made her come off as really immature and a bit of a needless sh*t disturber). I understand you used Riley's actions in the latter scene to serve as the incentive to bring some bigger revelations to light, but I wonder if there is a way to rework that chapter to make her seem like less of one of THOSE women who get all up in other people's business (so it doesn't work against her likability so much). 
      (I'm running out of space and will continue this is a second comment.)