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      The BLOOD MAGIC Saga is...
      BLEEDER [Blood Magic, Book 1] - complete! 
      LETTERS FROM NEW YORK [Blood Magic, Book 2] - complete!
      RULER [Blood Magic, Book 3] - returning soon!
      REBELS [Blood Magic, Book 4] - TBA 2016
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Bleeder [Blood Magic, Book 1]

Social data: 328K reads. 10.8K votes. 1.3K comments.

Description: What if everything you knew about yourself was a lie? Mildred "Mills" Millhatten had a good life: close-knit family, fantastic friends, decent grades and even a not-totally-annoying kid brother. You might say it was the best kind of ordinary. So no...

#132 in Vampire

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Letters From New York [Blood Magic, Book 2]

Letters From New York [Blood Magic, Book 2]

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Until Mills and Keel, the sorcerer-vampire bond was solely the stuff of folklore and legend – a whispere...

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Ruler [Blood Magic, Book 3]

Ruler [Blood Magic, Book 3]

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Till the End of the World

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Seriously considering re-categorizing the Blood Magic saga. It's currently listed as "vampire" here on the Wattpad site, but I'm thinking of changing it to either "horror" or "paranormal" since it concerns a lot more supernatural stuff than just bloodsuckers and I'm starting to feel like the "vampire" label is way over-simplifying things. Thoughts? Opinions?
Attn: Readers
      If you are currently reading LETTERS FROM NEW YORK on the Wattpad website, please note there is some sort of a weird formatting issue going on on Chapter 17. It began following my edit this morning, and has basically resulted in large chunks of paragraphs either entirely missing or duplicated around the area of the page breaks, making things pretty darned unreadable. Nothing I have tried on my end seems to fix it, so I've filed a ticket with Wattpad, but of course that means we all must be patient as they investigate. 
      I suspect this problem doesn't cross over to the Wattpad app on mobile devices, so you may want to read this chapter there until this gets fixed. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

@rbrjw1030 Don't forget, the bond never worked the same way for both of them before Keel's transition, meaning it may not work the same way for both of them after it either. That said, your point does get addressed in the series and it will all eventually make sense, I promise. I do have a tendency to dish out info a little at a time instead of in the form of the dreaded info-dump.
I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone who shared feedback on my questions about Bleeder yesterday. I try to take all criticisms seriously (at least until I've investigated them) and occasionally one rumbles across my desk that throws me for a loop, like that one did. I realize I am incredibly blessed to have places like this where I can pose such questions and get honest, unfettered feedback (including from my target audience itself). That's a really remarkable and incredibly valuable thing. So thank you for that, from the bottom of my red, pounding heart.