Hey yo whoever is stalking my profile my username is Dandelionrainbow and I love to read all types of books!!!!
                                                        <3      RANDOM FACTS        <3
                                                   Candy makes me have a sugar rush.
                                        I like all types of music, but I love KPOP!!!
  I like Panic! At The Disco, Michael Jackson, Deadmau5, Kaskade, Eminem, SKRILLEX, Nero, Knife Party, Krewella.
                My favorite artist is U-KISS and DB5K!!!!
                                             I LOVE Rise and Fall by Adventure Club and Krewella!!!
                                                                  I don't like Justin Bieber.
                                                 I love the colors: Red, Blue, Grey and Purple.
                                                I love anime and manga such as Vampire Knight.
                       I have a Quizilla account with the same username Dandelionrainbow. 
                                                  I have a sister that has an account: Lilacraze

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<(o <) But then I was like... 'Sharing is caring....' But...

 ( >o<) I LIKE COOKIES!!!

(> <) So then I ate it...sorry
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Shattered Reflection: A Werewolf Romance

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Description: Mackenzie is a normal 17 year-old girl, except for the fact that she gets abused by her dad. She can't tell anyone since her dad threatened her. One day, a mysterious boy named Aiden moves to Mackenzie's school. It turns out that Aiden is also Mac...