My name is Juan Carlos Torres. Note, no longer on Hiatus. I been writing for near 3 years, so I am a editor now, so I mostly edit with Photoshop Cs5, plus now mostly on youtube making Videos with Sony Pro 12. no not giving my youtube name.   

Let me say one thing: I find males EXTREMELY attractive so which means I like Males so TAKE THAT WORLD!!!

I am a Spanish guy that loves Anime ranging from normal to Yaoi (boyxboy verison)  Love to read them and will give suggestions when asked.

 I speak English Fluently and also speak Japanese and Spanish a little. 

I love to read, so I will read normal to boyxboy romance stories.

♀+♀=♥ GENDER
♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀=♥ MATTER

Put this on your page if you support every kind of relationship, that you know love does matter despite being the same sex. Love is Love...

My stories contain Explicit content and by law children under 18 is prohibited to view such content or 21 in some countries. With that being said PLEASE enjoy my orgasmic stories and pictures.

Please forgive any misspells or grammar mistakes. I'll correct them when I can. Keep in mind I am a college student on my own with a job so life tends to get in the way so I will be in a rush or too tired to correct easily missed mistakes.  Other than that enjoy and  I love you all.

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Taken by the Alpha(Man x Man)

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Description: Well where to begin? My name is Skylar Dalton, I am just a average 17 year old male...oh who am I kidding. My life is far from normal. All I wanted was to go to high-school, fall in love, and get ready to go to college. This was suppose to be the p...

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Book 4 Underworld Series: A Forbidden Destiny Grim/Michael Story

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The Lord of the Underworld is in love with me, HELP!(Boy x Boy)

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My Perfect Fake Boyfriends( Boy x Boy)

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'The legend of the 12 Zodiac" Boy x Boy(ON HOLD)

'The legend of the 12 Zodiac" Boy x Boy(ON HOLD)

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Does anyone know what the deal with wattpad and it system? I been trying to save my chapter on "Taken by the Alpha" , but it not letting me save, it would keep on freezing on me. When I thought it was save i exit out, went back in just now and my chapter was not at all save....I am really getting annoy with this. I want to update it today but at this rate I be lucky to post it tomorrow......
I am really busy with school now. I will try to update "Taken by the Alpha" this weekend. Sorry again XD ^^
THANK YOU ALL WHO ARE READING "Taken by the Alpha" It gotten over 10,000 reads so far O.O I am honestly shock and happy. Thank you all ^^
Ok, I try to update my story, but the chapters are missing for some reason, wattpad said it happening to some books, i have no idea why it effecting my story, i got the chapter save in my draft, but it would be useless to update it if no one can read it. So I will try again tomorrow. But this is crazy....