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Hello if you haven't noticed I seem to have a weird Username, then please look at what my name is. Odd isn't it? Well, I'm just a random person. I currently don't have the confidence to put up my real name, and I would rather have an odd pen name then some one that I would take forever to make up. Only because I'm... well, odd.

I often find myself with writers block, so if I don't update for a while I'm sorry.
I do take suggestions for my stories into consideration, because a lot of the time it can help me figure out what to do and get rid of my writers block.

Feel free to message me, I'm up for making friends!


The Catch to War

The Catch to War

8 parts / 15 pages, updated Jun 26, 2013
Skylar is the princess of the Kingdom of Jaskerly. Excited for her eighteenth birthday the last thought on her mind was war. Blindsided, her father reveals something she ... read more
798 reads votes 39 comments 14
Rain Check For a Vampire

Rain Check For a Vampire

23 parts / 51 pages, updated Jun 11, 2013PG-13
Melanie is in her twenties, and in no rush to tie the knot. Devoting her life to science she scrapes by and likes to keep life simple. But how will her life change when she has an encounter with something she never thought to be real?
3,296 reads votes 126 comments 26
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@Jakemps300 I will! I'm trying to finish my other story, I'm a frequent sufferer of writers block.
The Catch to War

Aha! Loved it! Congrats on finishing this!! *does little dance*
I'm His Mrs.

Wait, so did the results come in? Please tell me Isabellas baby doesn't belong to Dimitri (also, you seem to have great timing with your updates,...
I'm His Mrs.

I love being able to read through these comments, I feel so special hashing out ideas with you. Can't wait for the next chapter girly! I'm excited...
On Ice

@SoulOfAGhost it was a bucket over the door, they fell for it twice :P
The Catch to War