Not much to know really. I'm a uni student, studying BA Literature through Open Universities Australia.

I Love to read and write, I'm addicted to television and I'd rather stay home than go out.

I actually enjoy the stillness of being home alone. 

I'm shy and it takes a while for me to be comfortable talking to people unless it's about something I really enjoy, then I'm hard to shut up.

Although I do enjoy writing, for the most part I write poetry which I'd rather not share with people. However I do have alot of idea's for stories on my laptop waiting for me to actually sit down and start writing so I might actually post one someday. Don't quote me on that.
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“It’s most definitely a good thing. You look stunning, doesn’t she, Matt?” I turned to my other guy friend who was also on his feet, nodding rapidly. He didn’t say a word, just pulled me in...
@carebear1999 haha. Maybe you do, never know. @oneandonlylexi lucky bugger! My family think of me as a vampire because I'm so pale, I can't go outside for more than 15min without getting burnt. Haha. 

Redheads who can tan, who knew. Colour me jealous.