Well i am proud to say that i am a wattpad addict i have read so many amazing stories on here its unbelivable. I love to read so this website is like a drug. Ermmm well am happy to read any story and will gladly give feedback ermmm thats all for now lol.
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why do i luv you soo much????

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Description: this is story about a girl called shaniqua and her struggle through love.

and why is he talking about her getting cooking lessons i hope u get ill by eating her food august. about you should be getting some good food at home i home augusts mums finds out she knows how to speak some sense into this boy because august be acting like a boy instead of a man. he needs to look at trey his having issues with his girl but you dont see him taking a break his sticking it out like every married couple is meant to ofcourse ever marriages has bumps and slides along the way but they hve to make it work and it only looks as simones doing that and august is just running into this lil girls arms whose a home wrecker.

wth this is all going to bite august right back. why is he doing this this makes me sooo mad like he always puts simone 2nd all the dam time in every book he has to like some next thort and then realise that they aint no one for him but simone amd glad simone aint moving like august and eating at some next mans house am glad shes focus on her career and her family august just keeps messing up. he need to fix up and have a wake up calll fasttt because eventhough i hate august right now him and simone are meant to ve and i cant imagine them with other people but he need to win his fam back instead of trying to find himself. why he at this chics place if his trying to find himself spend some time with chris or even your daughter or try and fix this an go to counseling with your women wife. fix up august.