;) im Brittany:) ( profile pic:) )
I'm straight(: ( but don't Hate) 
I like to meet new people:) so dont be shy and send me a message
I have a country accent 
I speak my mind so if you don't like it then go away 
I have a hard time trusting guys because of what happened to my best friend/sister..
I'm 5'4"
Have blue/green eyes
I'm a former cheerleader, had to quit cause of surgery
Don't like fakes
Love kids:) been told before that my nephew could pass as my son it's weird to hear that..
If you ever need someone to talk to.. I'll be here to listen..

@ThePartyBoys : they're awesome sexy stallions ;) (chandlers words not mine haha :P) Xavier what a flirt(; I'm his baby;) They're all crazy;) anyways! Go fan them:P NOW! Haha

@BlakeHeartache : He is my best guy friend on here:) I know I can talk to him about anything and he will always be there for me:) And vice versa.

@shutupandkissm3 : my bestfriend on here :P go fan her! She awesome:)

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