Hello everyone, Welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy all my books. Don't be afraid to message me. I do try and get back to everyone. 

Im also a photographer, which is my true passion. Iv been taking pics for about 5 years now and i wouldn't change it for anything. 

I do have 3 huskies and there names are foxy, demon and angel like in my first book. 

I have a big family back home in California. Two older brothers, one sister in law a twin sister and brother in law.

Other then that i am married to a wonderful but pain in the ass husband. I do have a 8month old little boy so my time is taken up by him. Updated are depending on his naps. 

Finished Books:
A Servant for a Mate (A Royal Secret Trilogy) Book 1

Books that I am writing right now:
A Christmas Love

Books I will finish in 2015:
A Hidden Princess (A Royal Secret Trilogy) Book 2
The New World
His Touch

Books on HOLD until further notice:
You were born mine
You Rejected me First
Escaping to the Jackson's
A Vampires Possession
Alpha Almighty wont Leave me Alone
A Gas Station Romance

These books do not have an order to when I will update them. 

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Sexy CEO's (BDSM)

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Description: For years she looked over her shoulder in fear of seeing his face, of being taken back to her previous life. When a gentle old man takes her under his wings, she couldn't have been more grateful. Especially when he introduces his handsome single so...

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His Touch (On Hold)

His Touch (On Hold)

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As a female wolf all you crave is to be held in your mates arms. What happens when you find him, but all...

Let's Play a Game

Let's Play a Game

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A blossoming relationship took the turn for the worst when Taylor was attacked by her stalker one cold d...

#979 in Romance
A Hidden Princess (Book #2 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

A Hidden Princess (Book #2 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

23.7K 1.3K 441

Book 2 of ' A Royal Secret' Trilogy Description to come later. If you haven't Ready Book 1 ' A Servant...

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A Servant for a Mate (Book #1 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

A Servant for a Mate (Book #1 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

19.5M 252K 35.3K

It all happened one night eight years ago. A few words spoken to shake a tiny heart with fear. Running a...

My awesome fans what have you all been up to?

I'm sitting here watching the packers pack our household goods up and I'm bored out of my mind. 

If you want to chat or have an awesome book for me to read me me know. 
Hello my awesome readers, 
The votes have been counted and the winner is............

A Hidden Princess.....
After I've finished that book then Ill be working on His Touch then Sexy Ceo's (BDSM). 
I'm hoping to have A Hidden Princess done or nearly done by the time we get internet in Italy. We get our house hold goods on April 10th(hopefully) So after we get our stuff we will get internet and i will upload a chapter once a week or if the votes reach a high point. I mean you guys were dropping votes like crazy last time. 

haha which i cant thank you enough for showing me the love and respect you've given me. I got a comment the other day saying how adult my writing was and how it could pass as a professional book. That made my day. 

Though I do have one thing to ask for all you naughty freaks out there( I am one as well so don't be ashamed. lol) 
When i write the bdsm parts, what would you like to happen to her. I know everyone has secret desires. well i want to make those into a book. tell me what you would want and ill put it in the book for you. ;) 
just send me a private message if you like. 

Thank you all so much for supporting me in this move. 

I promise to make you guys proud come April.
AlexandraDmitriev posted a message to TessaT
I vote for a hidden princess. I really really want to see how Claudia and Caden make up. Their love story is really twisted but sweet. The first book was so AWESOME. A servant for a mate??? It was really cool since I expected Caden's parents to disapprove of Claudia because she was just a servant. Please finish it first!!!!
lovely_layne posted a message to TessaT
I vote for A hidden princess because it is so unique and I refuse to believe that Claudia is dead. Her and Caden fought too hard to be together and try to understand each other for her to just die. Also I have to believe on my heart that Theo and Taylor are alive and I have no clue what happened to Nik and I love Caden (when he wasn't sleeping around) he tried so hard and Claudia tried even if she was scared. And I need something bad to happen to Jessica cause she kept Caden and Claudia away from each other. And I need Claudia's dream explained and why the rogues were helping her and u just have so many questions and love a servant for a mate so much that I need this book to be completed.  
Donotbeafraid12 posted a message to TessaT
Honestly, I've read a lot of books in this site. And I've never read a book like A Servant For A Mate. I absolutely adored the plot, characters, and your writing style. You write like a pro- no joke. I would read every update, desperately waiting for the next exciting chapter. I cannot wait for what you have planned, whatever it may be. 
GetMyReadOn posted a message to TessaT
I vote Sexy CEO's. So far I really love the book, I love how she has two guys going after her. That brings about to sexual tension in the book. I love how Cole is going after her aggressively, but he wont take it too far, like force her into something she not into. I really do love Cole's mother. I feel that Amelia will still stay oblivious to the fact that two men want her. Which I think is shouldn't happen, I think she should be a wear but skeptic of both men. Cole because she don't know him and Ethan because he is her boss. Cole's mom should still be active in the book I feel as though she would be the one to help guide Amelia in becoming confident, like following her heart, I don't think his mom should be bias in just wanting her son to be with Amelia, but see that Amelia needs a mother figure and try to help. For Cole, I really have no idea what should happen with him other than him trying to win her over, like I see potential of him being good, but I also want to see her with Ethan so I am torn. And its the same thing with Ethan, I see he really cares for her, but idk who would be better for her, I don't know them well enough to say which one. And as for her little boy Hunter, I don't think I would want him to be mixed up in all this, I feel as though he is too young to understand, and she should try to keep him sheltered as much as she can until she figures out what she wants and take it from there. Hope I help. :)