Hello everyone, Welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy all my books. Don't be afraid to message me. I do try and get back to everyone. 

Im also a photographer, which is my true passion. Iv been taking pics for about 5 years now and i wouldn't change it for anything. 

I do have 3 huskies and there names are foxy, demon and angel like in my first book. 

I have a big family back home in California. Two older brothers, one sister in law a twin sister and brother in law.

Other then that i am married to a wonderful but pain in the ass husband. I do have a 8month old little boy so my time is taken up by him. Updated are depending on his naps. 

Finished Books:
A Servant for a Mate (A Royal Secret Trilogy) Book 1

Books that I am writing right now:
A Christmas Love

Books I will finish in 2014:
A Hidden Princess (A Royal Secret Trilogy) Book 2
The New World
His Touch

Books on HOLD until further notice:
You were born mine
You Rejected me First
Escaping to the Jackson's
A Vampires Possession
Alpha Almighty wont Leave me Alone
A Gas Station Romance

These books do not have an order to when I will update them. 

My Facebook page is--- https://www.facebook.com/TessaThompsonBooks

Twitter account name---- @Tessatbooks

yahoo instant messenger ---- tessathompsonbooks

youtube -- http://www.youtube.com/user/MrandMrsThompson09
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A Christmas Love

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Description: A blossoming relationship took the turn for the worst when Taylor was attacked by her stalker one cold dark night on her way home from class. The man she was in love with ignored her the moment he saw the jagged scare covering the side of her face t...

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His Touch (On Hold)

His Touch (On Hold)

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As a female wolf all you crave is to be held in your mates arms. What happens when you find him, but all...

A Servant for a Mate (Book #1)

A Servant for a Mate (Book #1)

18.5M 234K 32.8K

It all happened one night eight years ago. A few words spoken to shake a tiny heart with fear. Running a...

#396 in Werewolf #905 in Romance
First Version of A Servant for a Mate

First Version of A Servant for a Mate

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(THIS BOOK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY OTHER A SERVANT FOR A MATE)....My name is Claudia and I'm a Servant...

Sexy CEO's

Sexy CEO's

3.5K 179 19

For years she looked over her shoulder in fear of seeing his face, of being taken back to her previous l...

Make sure to follow me on facebook bc I will be able to posting a brief into to the next book in the ' A Royal Secret Trilogy' A Hidden Princess. 

If you want to know what might happen next make sure to follow as I will not be posting it on wattpad until March. 

Nat2525 posted a message to TessaT
I really love ur book A servant for a Mate. I liked how it ended. I know she didn't die, otherwise there wouldn't be more books. She has to comeback somehow. Anyways, I love ur book, and I wanted to let u know this because I felt u really needed to know that someone cared about it besides u.

Amblykcoffee192 posted a message to TessaT
Hii! I just started a book named Life Must Go On by Amblykcoffee192(me haha) Please do read it! Vote and share yr thoughts! thanks!~ (:
pur3innocenc3 posted a message to TessaT
hey..... can you maybe um... right a very last chap for a servant for a mate. When she falls of the waterfall and dies like that, I still feel that it's incomplete. I was left hanging. In a way...that I feel like I want to know what happens to caden or to claudia's family afterwards. And I really want to know about Nikolai.... he's such a sweetheart... I want to know how he would react. Would he die when she die as well? pleassssseee