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A Servant for a Mate (A Royal Secret Trilogy) Book 1

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Matched for Life

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Let's Play a Game
Matched for Life

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His Touch
A Hidden Princess (A Royal Secret Trilogy) Book 2
The New World
Battle between two worlds
Sexy CEO's
You were born mine
You Rejected me First
Escaping to the Jackson's
A Vampires Possession
Alpha Almighty wont Leave me Alone
A Gas Station Romance

These books do not have an order to when I will update them.

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Let's Play a Game

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Description: A blossoming relationship took the turn for the worst when Taylor was attacked by her stalker one cold dark night on her way home from class. The man she was in love with ignored her the moment he saw the jagged scar covering the side of her face th...

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Matched for Life

Matched for Life

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In the year 4028 the person you spent your life with was born especially for you. It wasn't by fate or a...

A Servant for a Mate (Book #1 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

A Servant for a Mate (Book #1 of A Royal Secret Trilogy)

20.4M 272K 37.6K

It all happened one night eight years ago. A few words spoken to shake a tiny heart with fear. Running a...

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faycolah posted a message to TessaT
hieeee  I'm just really in love with " a servant for a mate " and just wanted to know where can I find the second book.....thank you ! 
Lollipops_Luver posted a message to TessaT
Cliff hanger? I mean, are Theo and Taylor dead? Was all they said just their way of saying that she's not he only one important? And what happens to her? Does an eagle magically catch her and take her away to never land? And the ROGUES! It's driving me crazy! Was everything that happened just a set-up?? Pleaaaaaaaase... 
Shania_mendc posted a message to TessaT
I am utterly confused on what has happened in the last few chapters of  A Servant For A Mate ! are taylor n theo dead !? why did they react that way !? n the rogues .. why did they suddenly become nice n help her out
LadySyn posted a message to TessaT
      a few seconds ago
      It wasn't me. I been in and this dr that dr going to one funeral to another one.. Sad Smiles,its really been last 6 7 months my families  everyone i loved has died
      I've  been a fan of yours since I started to read here. There  are a bit more then normal, easy to miss, kerfuffles in the Match story I got confused  ... more then I normally ascribe  to your writings. 
      I wrote to a person I will c/p here? Keep it ditch ìt whatever. This person ticked me off. In one book  I saw 17 places in one page they called a chapter. So here it is. 
       I hate to be the one to burst your bubble. But, there really about a thousand  or more out there could stop in with you being a plagerist right now. I can show you the crunch of numbers  that I went thru and stopped after finding approx 75% were thirty books same plots, Yada yada.
      What I blew a cog over, there was a  this  be-ach one idiot  posted the exact  same  book, plot she cussed the original  writer for steàling her story, and threatened to sue the original  *author* for  stealing the *Dizzjit's story* when it was up for the review  board for  Dizzjit's  case it was thrown out Dizzjit's out. Reason was Dizzjit's  forgot to change  the names and the writers was left the same.
      The moral of the story don't cheat it will come back and bit you in the cheeks.
      This is a real story BTW.