Im a total nerd...
I love to read <3 its my life....
Im on wattpad all the time.
If anyone want me to read there story & give them feedback on it just message me. I would love to
 i just started writing a story called The Story Of Us. i would really like it if you guys could read it and give me your thoughts on it. Things that i could inprove, that i could add or things that i need to change..
I really want to be a good writer and it would help me a lot if you guys would let me know what you think about my stories!!!!

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“Who would be in their right mind using Zachary Anderson’s name and putting it in a name tag? Dyed their hair blonde and walk around the school?”
If I remember correctly James once told Zachary  that he has blond hair but he dies it & in a previous chapter it said that James used to go to there school in ninth grade so it was totally him.
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"Apparently your husband doesn't like sharing a bed with his favourite man," said Adrian sulking like a girl. I let out a laugh shaking my head. 
Omg!! I love how every good book on wattpad has at least one character that is super funny! Like that just makes the book 100 times better that it already is. I can already tell I'm going to love Adrian!! ❤️