Tell me, did the thrill sweep you off your feet,
Was it all you wanted to find?

Did your disappointment gave it all away?
Left you bound and broken I'm afraid.

I'm just a human in a story.
A tale that covers much ground but little glory.

Tell me, did the chain broke your horse's vest,
Was it tightly pressed against its chest?

Did you expect something other than your own?

Truth be told, there's no star shining in this night,
But trust you'll be kept locked away in the dark to fight.

Under another night sky,
Different and less likely the one you want.

1. I am no poet hahaha--I took that poem somewhere around the net. 

2. I am...a lazy author. I usually spend my time on Fanfiction, the link's there, and sometimes I do fly over to AO3, but I don't write there. I have a fictionpress account with the same penname here too.

3. Do check my libraries. They're awesome stories.

4. I like yaoi slash boys love. 

5. But I enjoy all the fluff boy x girl pairings give too. I rarely step into the world of girl x girl unless I'm bored. 

6. So yeah. 

7. I'm a pretty boring person. 

8. But do vote for me and I'll follow you!


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