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 @diamondback3 & @12stringninja <-- I know these guys irl, AND they're pretty awesome :) you should check out their work cuz they're very under-appreciated like a LOT of other good writers on Wattpad. So give 'em a shot :)

NOTICE! if you read the Unsent Letters and you read on the app- it doesn't always load the last few poems... just a note... if u were wondering...

Whale then, as you can clearly tell, cuz I'm on this website, I enjoy reading and writing... You can also clearly tell that, by looking at my profile pic, I am a cat. Just ask me if you wanna know anything else!!!

Fantasy, teen fiction, poetry, humor, and sci-fi, catch my eye the most, so that is mostly what I write, read, & critique :)  On Wattpad I'll try to update as often as I can, but school, life, and writer's block sometimes gets in the way so I'll do my best :) 

So! Apart from Wattpad I've got this Wordpress blog going on: 
I've got my artwork on there in addition to poems and short stories. That's also where that cute little house button takes you to- click it!!

Yeah, there's really nothing cool that distinguishes me from all these epic wattpad people, so I'll just say bye now!!!! read my stuff!!! be entertained! PM me because trust me, only one in fifty billion people who read this will even bother :)


Unsent Letters

Unsent Letters

89 parts / 11 pages, updated Aug 21, 2014PG-13
Unsent Letters. We all have them. They're that one thing that we keep from the world, That one side of us that we never let anyone see, Those few words that we wish we cou... read more
4,661 reads votes 139 comments 39
The Unfortified We: Save Samuel

The Unfortified We: Save Samuel

16 parts / 43 pages, updated Jun 16, 2014PG-13
We thought fairy tales were simply fiction. We thought the demons existed only in our hearts. We thought dragons were simply myths. But she knows otherwi... read more
722 reads votes 55 comments 92
The How To Be Awesome List

The How To Be Awesome List

9 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 16, 2014
Yes! This is the result of my TOTAL boredom, especially at night. They are mostly lists... strange lists. Enjoy them! And take them into consideration. Be awesome m(_ _)m
506 reads votes 49 comments 18

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Thx!!! :)
Unsent Letters

@12StringNinja haha xD it's ok- thx for the feedback!
The Unfortified We: Save Sa...

haha not really but ok :P
Unsent Letters

but my entire family was asleep.... @12StringNinja
Unsent Letters

@diamondback3 only if I can do the same for you if you ever need it :)
Unsent Letters