Status: Hey Everyone, I'm One Of Destiny's Best Friends, Sam, and Destiny Passed Away... Her Brother is in accoma. They got in an accedent... (1 year ago)


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Hallo Mitmenschen. Mein Name ist Schicksal. Und hier ist mein über mich.
(Hello fellow people. My name is Destiny. And here is my about me.)

~I am 13

~I Speak German and American English.

~Writing Is a big thing in my life

~I am a nice person so please don't make me mad or angry.

~Please if you text me do not write like that → u/ur/dis/ish just please spell correctly. Not perfect but corretly

~Takken By @BradleyPrior

~I'm bisexual and proud. ♂or♀
(I asked my autistic Cousin what he thought he would do if he saw two boys holding hands or kissing. 
He told me that he loved our husky and he often kissed it even though it was a boy husky. He said if you love something you should show it. His acceptance gives me hope. ♂+♂=♥ and ♀♀=♥

~I Belive that even though my defenition of beauty is diffrent from your's does not make you nor I ugly.

~I'm here to write && maybe make some new friends c:

~ @ThisChick123 Is Like The Best Damn Person Ever, Go fan Her Trust Me. You Wont Regret It c; Oh and Hurt Her i'll Kick Your Ass! xoxo

~ @XxAceBrownxX Is My Real Life Big Brother So Go Fann Him c; Lmao Ily Bubby<3 AND FYI HES NOT A DAMN FAKE SO LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!

Well if their are anyother questions, feel free to PM me and i will respond as soon as i can. Thank for reading, Tuddles♥

P.P.S xD
WHACH IT ^^^^^ It's Amazing!!! I Promise!
&&&& This One ^^^ pLEASEEE! Lol Bye Bye

(P.P.P.S. xD The Profile Picture Is Me So Suck It If You Dont Believe Me c: I'm the One On The Right and The Background is My Unicorn I Drew c:  )

*Girls, put this on your profile. I bet NO guy can write a paragraph about you and send it to your inbox; one that you will NEVER forget. See who is the nicest guy on Wattpad, who will actually write a paragraph that will stun you. Boys this is a challenge for you.


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The Beat of This Melody

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I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

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