aye, guys! @pulverize here and secretly messing with my cus' bio because she sucks and I love her so much. ♥

                    ❝be yourself, 
                     don't take anyone's shit, 
                     and never let them take you alive.❞
                                    - gerard way

                   pansexual & taken by a faggot ♥ 
                   she's a proud mexican & really big on poetry, 
                   lyric writing & stories (most of her stories                    
                   are based on actual life experiences.)
                                                    stay weird .♥

                                                     - Jayy 

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Unforgettable (Louis Tomlinson) *under construction*

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Description: "You're such a bitch, you know?" I whispered in her ear, she was laying beside me. Naked. "And you're an asshole." She said smoothly. "But you sure know how to ride me." I said looking down at her, her dark hair in her face. She looked up at me a...


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Night changes ☪Harry Styles

Night changes ☪Harry Styles

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Harry and Amelia didn't know each other, they barley knew they existed. They live across the street fro...

The Perfect Crime (BoyxBoy)

The Perfect Crime (BoyxBoy)

3.4K 92 43

Kellin and Ronnie commited the perfect crime. Kellin stole Ronnie's heart and Ronnie stole Kellin's.

Amnesia // Calum Hood

Amnesia // Calum Hood

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"Sometimes I start to wonder, was it just a lie? If what we had was real, how could you be fine?" _ ...