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See the fan button up there? Ain't it a sexy lil thing? Tap it, it's full of magical surprises! It will lead you to a magical and  journey into the thoughts of my brain. So yea. 

Hello my lovelies! Here is my profile for all you crazy stalkers! ;) You know who you are!

-My name is Eleanor so don't call me that anything else is sufficient.
-I love ruffles. Like I mean I absolutely love them so if ruffles appear in my books.. you know why.
-Canadian :D
-I love music and can't live without.
-Yes its true i'm a Canadian who lives in Narnia
-I longboard because like skateboarding is so last year XD 
-I don't judge by anything! Everyone is equal in my books!
-You are all beautiful! (Had to get that in here)
-I read a lot so I will try to read and critique books!
-New book on the way! YAY!
-Ruffles o.O
-I love One Direction.
-Music >.<
-Ruffles 0.0

Chat me up and i'll update my profile so yea! 


β£Ʌʊʈɣ Ῐᴤ  Σɫɛɽɳɑʆ - El




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One Shots! Featuring 1D and You! [NO MORE REQUESTS FOR NOW]

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