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I live in London & am most deffo a Whovian, a member of The Lost Boys Army, a Darkling Darling and a Twihard!!  I wear my badges with pride! I am TEAMYA!

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Well, guys, we only went and did it! LAILAH is being published!! Sends my wattpad family huge hugs!

The UNEDITED story is still available for you to read right here on wattpad!

The published edition has now released!!! It is fully edited new scenes added / threads changed, and will contain bonus content in the form of the first couple of chapters of book2! 

If you intend to follow the Saga I do advise you buy or borrow the published version due to some of the plot changes! 


AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Lailah-book-1-Styclar-Saga/dp/1250051517/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1395168422&sr=1-1&keywords=Styclar 

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lailah-nikki-kelly/1118174072?ean=9781250051516

Not in the US or Canada? Then the book depository ship to most of the world :) 

LAILAH is also a FIERCE READS title and I have just returned from the super-fierce tour across the US l with Marissa Meyer, Jessica Brody and Gennifer Albin where we  chatted all things books, signing and q&a's - check out my twitter for the many photos!

In trying new things - 'Game Of Thorns' my English Teacher Competition screenplay short won! You can check that out in MY WORKS section.

Have made some fab wattpad friends and discovered their super brilliant stories right here! 
@KellyLM @PheonixRaines @JenMarieWilde @liliancarmine @BritTheBookSlayer 


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Description: Jonah is mortal. Though Jonah is living and breathing, he might as well be dead. The only shelter he finds in which to hide from his excruciating existence is in those seldom few moments, just before waking from sleep. In that half, dream like st...

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The Styclar Saga (Book1 Lailah): Gabriel short story (Exclusive to wattpad!)

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Hey guys!! 
Not long now until GABRIEL releases (Oct 27th) where Lailah, gabriel and Jonah's journeys continue!! I'm really excited about Book2 and I can reveal that the 'love triangle' is resolved in book 2 - will your ship prevail ??!!!! Eep!! I'm working hard on book 3 in the meantime - if you've read lailah and want a copy of your own for your shelf I do of course encourage you to buy a copy if you haven't already - there will be a paperback option releasing in October but the hardback has some bonus chapters from book2 hidden at the back ;) 

help a girl out and PRE ORDER a copy of GABRIEL ;) 

So what are you reading at the mo? Stop by and tell me!! Xox 



badvgrl posted a message to TheStyclarSaga
hey if I may would you be able to read my story and could you give me some advice ? it is called the forbidden battle of love . I am currently experiencing a writers block and can't think of what to do next in the story and I read your book and I must say you are a fantastic writer :) you put a lot of time into your wonderful book and it shows . I can't wait to read the second book whenever it comes out on here. And if I may, would you want to PM me so I could ask you about the details of Great Britian ? I am thinking of writing some of the chapters in my book and need details on Great Britain it is up to you. and I must thank you for taking the time to write this amazing book . and thank you for taking the time to read this comment :) have a great day and a great night.
TheStyclarSaga commented on Lailah - TEAM GABRIEL *SWOONS

@DespiseMe awww believe you me, it's even more awesome hearing from readers! I have a soft spot for jonah myself - have you read the short story from Jonah's POV ? It's in my profile - he's a whole lot of swoon ;) lol I'm so glad you enjoyed the book - book 2 will be out this year whoop! X