Helloee  Fellow Wattpadians :)
                 Well im from EGLAND and yes i have a sexy accent :P
            I`m Skittles and i`m here with my friend Star-Burst.
         Skt-   Stb come to my bedroom at 8 
         Stb-   Skt what are you asking me to do, i don`t swing your way.
         Skt-    I thought we were friends !!!
         Stb-   I`m sorry this has gotten too far , i cant be with you anymore.
         Skt-   WHAT AN EARTH ARE YOU ON ABOUT ?  , Were painting my bedroom 
         Stb-   WHAATTTT !!
         Skt-   Pfftt Mannn .......
       Well were off for some tea and crumpets *evil laughter*
      Any questions ASK AWAY .....
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