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Hi to anyone who's stumbled across my page, I'm Ali. To be completely honest I'm a bit introverted, so if you want to talk to me you'll probably have to make the first move. That being said, I don't bite, and I do actually like talking to people despite my shy ways, so feel free to IM me about anything at pretty much any time.


The Pirate Chronicles: Cursed

The Pirate Chronicles: Cursed

13 parts / 33 pages, updated Mar 09, 2013PG-13Video
ON HOLD Book 1: Morgan Sterling was a wanted man. He'd murdered, thieved, and lied his way to the top of a dangerous world, and it had cost him his heart, per... read more
41,285 reads votes 1,195 comments 235
Be My Nothing

Be My Nothing

1 page, updated Jan 28, 2013PG-13
When FBI agent Daniel Roseau is placed undercover, his mission seems simple enough. Win the heart of Drug Cartel leader, Gabriel Marcos' daughter. Easier said than done, esp... read more
365 reads votes 8 comments 4


15 parts / 42 pages, updated Nov 21, 2012PGVideo
Ever's no Wendy, Quinn's just a bit to charming to be Hook, and Summer's giving Tinkerbell a bad rep. But together they make something that's not quite never land. Telling the go... read more
12,982 reads votes 493 comments 234
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Shift (Watty Awards 2013)
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Summer Daze
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I Sold Myself to the Devil for...
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Oh my gosh, that last line though... So sweet I just want to get all girly and squeak at the cuteness! *flail*
The Fates (Book I)

Ah, totally forgot to vote, had to come back lol, anyways, great job again!
Enrule (EDITING)

Thank you so much! :) And the girl on the cover of my story actually is Taylor Swift from the Love Story music video xD
The Pirate Chronicles: Cursed

Interesting concept, especially with her being the only girl. Is it because girls were weaker and most died? Maybe a virus that pinpoints them?...
Enrule (EDITING)

I 100% agree. Especially with the rejection part. I would understand maybe a few well thought out cases explaining WHY they were rejected, but...
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