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Re-post: Would you be the 20 percent of girls who would fall on the ground crying if Niall Horan quit One Direction?

Sign: Scorpio

Birth date: November 20th

Fave Dude singer: Justin bieber Sam Tsui Steve Kazee Classified Calvin Harris

Fave boy-band: One Direction  The Wanted Emblem 3 5th Harmony Fun Neon Trees

Fave Girl singer: Bella Thorne  Zendaya Christina Grimmie Carly Rose Sonclair Alyssa Reid Christina Perri

Fave Song: A thousand years part 2 Christina Perri Steve Kazee Inner Ninja

Fave Aminal (Animal) : Mouse


KIK: Whisperrss


Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
If You Don't Like Niall Horan
There Is Something Wrong With You
He Is So Cute 
And Always Perfection 
Without Niall Horan
There Is No One Direction

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I am a cheerleader and if you tell me that cheer leading isn't a sport, go tell the 10/100 girls/boys who do it who died from loving the sport. Go tell the girls/boys who work harder than anyone else who is an athlete. Go tell the girls/boys who get thrown 30 feet into the AIR without a doubt or scare at all. Go tell the girls/boys who are cheerleaders. 

I love you all :) I don't give trust out easily and I will never forgive you if you break my trust.

Ninja's live in my fluffy world of unicorns and gumdrops, where me and Niall live happily ever after.. With Brooklyn in jail ! Inside joke!


Extraordinary Details

Extraordinary Details

1 page, updated Jan 11, 2013
We all know that one girl who sits in the back of the classroom.. Who is paying attention and writing notes. Who listens to her IPod all day and never talks unless a... read more
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Cheerleading: This Is How Winners Are Made.

Cheerleading: This Is How Winners Are Made.

2 parts / 1 page, updated Oct 15, 2012
Cheerleading is many girls lives. I made this for everyone can enjoy. Please be aware some of the falls are pretty harsh.
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HOLY CRAP I LOVE YALL :) This storyy is amazayn :) Keep writing you guys.. you're really good!
Fondly Remembered.

WHEN DIS IS AMAZAYN BRO :) Your so awesome possum :) MPNEKLXDNGVYJFKDMX Hi.... Do you like turtlez?
Who Needs Love? ~The Wanted...