“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”  
      ― Sylvia Plath,
      I'm Bel, 20-something and I live in Chile. English is my second language so bear with me.
      I enjoy long nights watching Korean dramas and animes. 
      A good book and a cup of tea are my homies.
      What do you use to make your covers?
               Adobe photoshop CS6. However I don't make the drawings.
      May I translate your story?
               Sure, but I would like you to do this:
       #1 give credit. You're translating, not writing the story. It needs to be stated I wrote it.
       #2 don't change content (like names or events) just translate.
       #3 let me know (via DM or dedication) when you start to add your story to the reading list.
      Would you make me a cover?
               I'm not accepting requests at the moment. Sorry.
      Would you write me a story?
               same answer as the previous one.
      Would you read my story?
               I doubt I can due to time issues, plus, I rather read finished and published books so I can improve. I'm sorry.
      Would you tell your followers to read my story?
               I'm not a living advertising, please don't use me that way.
      Would you follow me back?
               I only follow the authors I read so my newsfeed is not a mess and I actually can read it.
      How did you get such numbers?
               I was lucky. Right time, right place I guess.
      instagram: @watsonbel
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spicebomb posted a message to BelWatson
You like kdramas? Oh wow that's good! ^~^
      What are you watching at the moment?
      I'm watching Sensory Couple, Falling for Innocence and Heard It Through The Grapevine (they are so gooood) ^^
Your independent series are just marvellous. They invoke a tornado of emotions among the readers. They make us feel like we are living the story. Would you believe if I say that I cried on reading all those books in the independent series + letters to Liam. 
      Your stories are literally breathtakingly awesome. They have great magnificence in them. You can count me as one of your biggest fans. Also, if you ever need help in making a trailer for any of your stories....You can tell me. I would love to do something for you as a tribute to the beautiful stories you present your readers with. May God bless you and always be with you. I really respect your creativity. :-)
xxAPersonxx posted a message to BelWatson
I can't believe you're back on Wattpad! I read the first two books if your Aware Princess series and I remember being so sad when you said you were leaving Wattpad  I'm really glad you're back, I really enjoy your writing. You have great skill and you're my favorite author  Thank you for coming back haha, I needed it