▌      Just a Swedish girl who studies a bit 
               ▌      and drinks tea with her cat Elton. Art 
               ▌      and wonders and writing has always  
               ▌      been a thing for the lucky ones, and
               ▌      I consider myself very lucky these
               ▌      days.
               ▌      ________________________________
               ▌      - Book one of the Wonder-series will be
               ▌        regularly updated in July, only on Wattpad.
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    South of Sweden.
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Hello :) No hate here, but I was just wondering, there was a thewayyoulooktonight account owned by this girl Sanne. So I don't know of this is the same account, but just wanted to ask, is it?
Hello Jillian, I understand all you have mentioned before and I am not here to hate, but just like @kellymendess I was wondering if you knew where the author could have posted her story Fanboy? I have a friend who would really like to know. It's fine by me if you don't, I'm just curious.

Also, I would just like to say that Swedish people are the bestest
hi, i understand everything and im definitely not gonna send hate but I was wondering if there's anywhere else fanboy is posted where I can read it? it's my favorite and im hoping that maybe it's still available somewhere else? thank you :)
I'm truly and honestly confused I read a little bit of the comments but I'm not understanding what happened?Why were the stories deleted? I do not mean to be rude in any way I just wanted to know. Please don't feel offended!