▌      Just a Swedish girl who studies a bit 
               ▌      and drinks tea with her cat Elton. Art 
               ▌      and wonders and writing has always  
               ▌      been a thing for the lucky ones, and
               ▌      I consider myself very lucky these
               ▌      days.
               ▌      ________________________________
               ▌      - Book one of the Wonder-series will be
               ▌        regularly updated in July, only on Wattpad.
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Hello :) No hate here, but I was just wondering, there was a thewayyoulooktonight account owned by this girl Sanne. So I don't know of this is the same account, but just wanted to ask, is it?
Hello Jillian, I understand all you have mentioned before and I am not here to hate, but just like @kellymendess I was wondering if you knew where the author could have posted her story Fanboy? I have a friend who would really like to know. It's fine by me if you don't, I'm just curious.

Also, I would just like to say that Swedish people are the bestest
hi, i understand everything and im definitely not gonna send hate but I was wondering if there's anywhere else fanboy is posted where I can read it? it's my favorite and im hoping that maybe it's still available somewhere else? thank you :)
@TheWayYouLookTonight Hey Jillian dont mind the people who are giving you hate. True fans of the books you Put on here would understand that you had to take it off because of the true author. Now dont get me wrong I am sad that it was removed but im not gonna give you hate because of that. Like you said it isnt your story, and i respect that
@TheStoryOfMyLife1D11 and everyone else. 

First of all, I'm not the author of any of the mentioned books. If you actually looked at my profile then you'd realize that. 

Second, I understand that people are upset about this, but it was the author's choice to delete it. She made that decision for a reason and if people can't accept that, then they need to take a look in the mirror, to be honest.

You can attack me all you want, I honestly don't bother with it anymore, because I will be ignoring/deleting all messages from now on.

But don't you DARE get angry about it. It's not your book or your choice. The author clearly deleted it for a reason and if that means that you will go and attack the person who you think wrote it (I've gotten freaking death-threats for crying out loud.), then you need to re-evaluate some things.

From this moment on I will delete/ignore all messages that are filled with threats/no-respect. 

I'm fed up with people thinking that the whole world revolves around them and that their need to read a book is a top-priority for everyone on this website. 

- Jillian.