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-Yay :D I'm up first
-Anyways, roller coasters = death, One Direction & The Wanted = life.
-Okay, now, moving on. 
-Smiley-faces, chocolate, marshmallows and cotton candy are awesome. However, poor grammar, bad hair days and chipped nails are not. 
-Okay, bye. 

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About  @TheBoredDevil:

-I love food and I'm ALWAYS starving before lunch (Pity me xD)
-Like  @LiddySykes I typically end EVERYTHING with a smiley face of some kind xD <--(See)
-I don't like 1D as much as the rest of the world (don't get me wrong, I like them, just not as much)
-I like BTR better xD Get it?! BTR = better xP
-Now I'll leave some room for the last one!

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About  @SomeoneAwesome:

-Heyyylo =D
-Yes peoples, last but not least, SOMEONEAWESOME!!!
-Food, food, more food...
-I love to laugh a lot, but strangely enough I find that crying into your pillow while you're warmly tucked in (and yeah LOL) is an awesome way to relieve stress
-Fave books: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson
-Sorry if I'm rambling too much about me...
-Proud Canadian, proud Asian, proud Christian :)

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Why Boys Are Idiots

Why Boys Are Idiots

23 parts / 60 pages, updated Jan 04, 2014PG
Zaira, Cyra, and Addie are just three normal teenage girls trying to get through high school. But at every moment of happiness, it seems as if as certain group of peop... read more
65,786 reads votes 1,327 comments 872

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Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the dedication...not sure when that happened but anyways =/ thanks for reading Voted! :)
Hamilton Academy: He's Alwa...

Thank you! So happy that you're still reading and waiting for updates. Hopefully we'll finish the story xx TheReal_Charmander
Why Boys Are Idiots

Haha, trust me, our lives are not exciting. But anyways, glad you liked it and thanks for reading!
Why Boys Are Idiots

That is so true :D Thanks for reading xx
Why Boys Are Idiots

Haha, I guess so. Anyways, thanks for reading xD
Why Boys Are Idiots