Why Boys Are Idiots

Zaira, Cyra, and Addie are just three normal teenage girls trying to get through high school. But at every moment of happiness, it seems as if as certain group of people have made it their mission to make their lives as miserable and frustrating as possible...in other words, so-called "boys". Are annoying guys just a part of life, or are they really not as idiotic as the girls thought they were? *Based on TRUE STORIES!*
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i am just like that hyper 1 sec depressed the next then like 1 min latter im mad
@TheReal_Charmander  Ah no need to worry about the stuff I picked out. It'd SUPER nitpicky. Haha - I wouldn't stress on it :p The story was great!
I think I like Cyra more than Zaira at the mo. Hmmm, not sure who Cyra is referring to at the end. THE SUSPENSE!
Another awesome chapter ! I love how the characters are played out and their personalities.
to be completely honest, i found the throw-up scene pretty hilarious.. but i still feel bad to whoever really went through that.. xD
ahhhhh <3 the hunger games!!!!!!!!!!! but books were wayyyy better. aha Addie, sucks to be you xox

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