Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self. ~ Cyril Connolly

I tend to talk a lot so if you don't like long conversations about random stuff, don't let the server crash on the way home.

If you must know about me because you're a complete weirdo, ask me. I don't bite that hard, although I have a good arm if ya know what I mean. Even if we are no where near eachother I will find away to get to you if the need arises.

I tend to ramble a lot... I don't even talk about anything specific I just babble about anything and everything I can. Such as The Walking Dead, like can you believe Andrea?!?! I just want to rip her throat out! There's also my horse. I can tell you the most absurd things about him, like how his hair parts in a way that makes him look like the cutest thing you could ever lay eyes on, how he has the kindest eyes or even how his one hoof is bigger than all the other ones but that, my dear friend, is another story.

As I said, I ramble on a on about nonsense. ^^ Point proved!

If you're still reading this I feel bad for you. Not only have I been rambling but I've been keeping you from my story! If you do, by any chance, happen to read it or what I've got written of it (depends on when you're reading this!), it would be much appreciated if you gave me some sort of feed back. Doesn't have to be overly nice, I do consider what readers have to say, be it good or bad.

Quick reminder. For every breath you take, you're one breath closer to death. Have a good life!

Leaves were fluttering to the ground as I was walking. Tree branches started swaying as the wind roared past me. I couldn't drop the thought by this point. It was imprinted into my brain for now and always. Leaves danced all around me. The wind finally stoped and everything went silent. 
Peacefulness finally settled all around me. But on the inside there was a raging storm.
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