Writing about me, how to begin.....

 Well for starters my name is Thelma. I'm not too terribly fond of it, but you don't get to choose what you get named...unfortunately. I'm not your average person. I may seem like something, but you'll find I'm not what you expect, at least that is what I've been told. I'm a nerd and bibliophile. Simple as that. You don't like it? I could care less. It's who I am and if we're going to be friends, then you'll have to put with it. I read almost anything, but mostly fiction. 
 As for music. Am I a music lover? Let me ask you this: do you like breathing? 
 I'm constantly being called either a human dictionary or a human textbook, by my friends. Go figure. :) 

 I'm currently a freshman at Northwest Whitfield High School and I enjoy it, every single day. Unlike your average teen, I actually enjoy school. Sue me. Like I said, I'm not what you expect. 

 I've been through quite a lot which is why I am the way I am. Yes I can be mean and temperamental, but tell me, who is not? Every one has their mean side, though some are better at controlling it than others.

 I'm not tolerant of stupidity, so you've been forewarned. I put up with certain things, but others? No. 

 I think that sums it up. :D If you still want to know more after all that, then you have passed the test. xD Just message me, I love to meet new people. 

 Don't worry, I don't bite. At least not too hard. ;)
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