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Since fans keep asking me for an update schedule, I decided to make one. However this is a rough estimate. 

"Mickey Who": Soon.

"I Spun the Bottle": Slow Updates

"Mending Us: Almost Daily
Quotes about Writing:

"A writer's job is to imagine everything so personally that the fiction is as vivid as memories." 
-John Irving 

"Writing is its own reward."
 - Henry Miller
Any questions? 
Ask them here! :)


My name is Brandy, and I'm a senior in high school. I'm a writer, or at least I'd like to say so. 

I love thinking of new plots and storylines from conversations I've had or dreams I wish would happen to me. 

My family and most of my friends know that I cry in most sad movies...yes even animated ones. I mean how could you not shed a couple of tears when you see Ralph (from Wreck It Ralph) repeating the "bad guy" pledge, near the end of the movie. Or when Mufasa dies in the first Lion King movie?! Ahh...I think I need a moment. :'(


ッ Happy Endings (Because I'll Cry if it's Sad)

ッ The Lion King Movies (ALL of THEM) 

ッ Ian Somerhalder (TVD)

ッ Music (Too Much to List) 

ッ Roller Coasters (Weee!) 

ッ Romance (<3)

ッ Sappy, Cute Lines (Hehe) 

ッ Cuddling (With My Beagle)

ッ How To Train Your Dragon (Toothless!) 

ッ P.S. I Love You (Already Crying!)

ッ The Color Red (Like Blood Red)

ッ Coffee (<3)

Lastly, before I go, I'd like to say I love my followers. You are all so amazing, so sweet, and everything I could EVER ask for. Reading your comments make me feel so special and loved. So thank you to each and every one of you. :) 

Sweetdreams31 (:

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Mending Us

Mending Us

2 parts / 9 pages, updated Nov 10, 2013PG-13Video
Falling in love once is tough enough. Falling in love twice…with the same person is a nightmare. Emily and Nick were set. All they had to do was get through senior year, and t... read more
990 reads votes 45 comments 9
Mickey Who?

Mickey Who?

2 parts / 9 pages, updated Nov 02, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
What if you had the power to control hundreds of people’s love life just by simply saying anything? And what if they didn’t know it was you? Would you use that power for good? ... read more
25,436 reads votes 719 comments 104
I Spun the Bottle

I Spun the Bottle

27 parts / 92 pages, updated Aug 13, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
"My heart skidded to a sudden halt as soon as it landed on him. He was the only person I didn’t want the bottle to land on. It seemed like everyone in the entire par... read more
568,483 reads votes 8,802 comments 1,148
Mickey Who? [OLD VERSION]

Mickey Who? [OLD VERSION]

8 parts / 31 pages, updated Apr 19, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
[OLD VERSION.] PLEASE be aware that these eight chapters are not up to date. However, I did not want to delete these because they are the original. All new updates... read more
221,730 reads votes 5,974 comments 981
Hot Headed

Hot Headed

31 parts / 73 pages, updated Sep 01, 2011PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
[Previously known as: I'm a Fighter and He's the Hottie] Madison Storms has a hot head and a short temper. She has always had a strong sense of justice and usually ends up in fis... read more
595,590 reads votes 3,790 comments 393
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