Nice to meet you people! Thank you for visiting my profile, and for checking out my works! I thank you all sincerely for you amazing support! I'd be nothing at all without you! I blame you all for my addiction to Wattpad. The whole Harry Potter fan fiction thing though, is entirely my own fault! 

For all you Potterheads stalking me, check out:

-'The Hogwarts Diaries'
-Its spin-off story 'Memoirs of the Slytherin Princess' 
-Their prequel 'The Hogwarts Diaries - Marauder's Era'

I'm also writing a story with the amazing Rachel, aka. rperna176, called 'For Draco'. It's... a Draco Malfoy fan fiction (I know, a smart bunch like you would never have worked that out, right?) 

If it's other stuff you're after, I have 'Stereo Love', that was my first book on Wattpad, and was based on McFly! Not quite a fan-fiction, but sort of. 

Please feel free to say Hi! I love to hear from you all, so don't be shy! I will talk to anyone if I have the time. I appreciate all your fans, votes and comments! I hope you read my works and find something you truly enjoy here! :) x 

Lots of Love
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Description: 11 girls, their lives overlooked. 11 stories, all connected. Delve into their lives at school and discover what really goes on. This is Hogwarts. These are the Hogwarts Diaries.

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The Hogwarts Diaries - Marauder's Era

The Hogwarts Diaries - Marauder's Era

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The Wattpad HP Challenge

The Wattpad HP Challenge

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Memoirs of The Slytherin Princess

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The very very last chapter of THD was posted last night. After unearthing @rperna176's chapter amongst some final work and rereading it, I decided it was a wonderful conclusion to the book we spent so long on. 

I have to say I am a little disappointed on your behalf that we never got to finish this book the way it was planned due to the waning cooperation and enthusiasm some of the authors exhibited. However, I hope you enjoy this final chapter and provides you with some closure :)

You are all wonderful humans and your support has been invaluable to us. 

All my love, 

Laura (aka, Stargirlx27)