I am Cassi, I am 15, I am a freshman at high school. I love drawing. In my free time, I usually talk to friends, Read books, listen to a lot of music, oh and did I mention how I like to draw?
My favorite game is Devil May Cry. My favorite character on that game is Vergil. Those of you who don't know who that is, I suggest you type in his name followed by DMC on Google Images. He also my profile picture. My favorite series of books are the Maze Runner Series. Oh, and I really like the Vampire Knight Manga series. Kaname <3
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Description: Vergil Sparda. A Nephilim. Half angel, half demon. And the only reason I exist. He has a brother named Dante, Nephilim like his himself. They have banded together to fight Mundus, the demon king... Again. Will they defeat him this time, or will they...