Hola, I'm TASH! aka the aussie/italian hoe ;) ♥ 
      - aussie and proud!
      - I'm super friendly! sorry if I come off as flirty sometimes :P
      - straight ;)
      - I play guitar! 
      - love beaches, summer, water, swimming...the stereotypical aussie girl 
      - I ride a kangaroo to school :O his name's jimmy 
      chat me up anytime! xx
      Hey d'ere strangers
      - The name's CHLOEE learn it!
      - I be de asian hoe ;)
      - Wanna help meh with ASIAN DOMINATION? xD
      - Autraliaa xD But i dunno how to surf D: teach meh?!?!
      - I havee an obsession with this face------> xD
      - Straight no hate here
      - Yellow skin likee de simpsons! O_O Da Faq
      - Talk to mehh! I don't bite...that hard ;)
      ::::: My Turn :::::
      ¤ Aloha xD ¤
      ¤ Im Zee.
      - 16 years old.
      - Im the AMERICAN HOE!
      - Yes, yes I am pretty sexy ;]
      - I'm Blunt.cx
      - Don't fuck with me, Hoe.
      - Im a Girl obviously x3
      - I'm a fucking huge flirt. x')
      - GUESS WHAT?! 69 is ma' number no touchy my baby number ;D
      - Yes, I swear, Sorry? 
      ¤ Talk to me, yeah? Don't worry, I won't bite you too hard(;
      Peace Beauties :') -Zee
      Fan us, yeah? xD You don't.. Im going to hunt you :o Kidding x3....... Not really.
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