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QuietMusings commented on Lucky Kiss Number 13 - Chapter 13

Isn’t she like thirty? Maybe she was a puma. For anyone who is wondering, a puma is a step before a cougar. 
@Moonlight_Lupis yep.  So this passage is saying that she is slightly younger (than a really old woman),  therefore not as bad...  Hence,  the puma being a step down from a cougar. Haha do,  that probs didn't make sense. Explanations just aren't my forte...
QuietMusings commented on Stuck in an Elevator - Chapitre Uno.

Everytime he swallowed, his adam’s apple bobbed up and down, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hot or cute. Because, trust me, it was actually one of the most attractive things about guys.
Yes,  I'm the only one!  :D haha I get weird looks when I try and explain this to my friends

I was planning on going to Yale after we finished high school, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. They always said that it was pretty amazing how smart I was, but I didn’t really see it...
Haha I feel ya. I'm always labelled as a smart person and people mock me when I get stuff wrong.  And I'm always wrong...  Just wondering when they'll realise that I'm not all that smart; I just like to verbalise my thoughts with nice-ish words.