I'm just ur average person on Wattpad :) 
just some notes on meee..

*I have a zillion stories that haven't (and will not be) finished and/or published. (just the truth...)
*I positively loovvve humor. And suspense.  
*My favorite sport to play is Volleyball!! :) Woot woot!!
*not the best writer, but I will attempt.
*I appreciate all support and fans!! :)
*I like to be outside and work outside. Keep me in a stuffy room all day and I will be cranky.
*Any story I write isn't ever based on me. That's how some people write, and I understand that, but most of my characters are how I imagine someone opposite of me would be. 
*Please, comment, message or vote on any of my stories. If you have any constructive critisism, please give it.
soooo...thats me haha!

THIS IS IT!! FOR THE POLL! CLICK IT NOW!!---> http://quizilla.teennick.com/my/profile

http://animoto.com/play/y5x3L92YDweQWwYjV6wHpA <- click this for a little video I made :) it includes characters that will be real players in what's upcoming in GeekSlap ;p

Hope you have a wonderful day :)
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Description: - His gaze swept over the sea of faces below him, and grazed past me and then went back. I gasped. His eyes. So blue, so bright. The color of an iceberg. And then I was terrified. My brain couldn't understand the sudden feeling, couldn't even stop...

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I'm The Geek Who Slapped A Football Player.

I'm The Geek Who Slapped A Football Player.

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Clarisse Hornitt isn't your average geek. Sure she's smart, sure she doesn't dress like a typical teenag...

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The Demon In Me (Literally)

The Demon In Me (Literally)

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Everyone here, 

I am sorry to say that because of some horrible horrible events, Pearlie, my homegurl homie homes, has left us. 

What horrible events, you may ask? 
Well, let's start the list shall we: 

1. I am a book shark because, well–there can't be too many books updated without the love of fans and a little force (jk, jk...or am I?)

2. She had a life outside of Wattpad.

3. I did not agree with said life.

4. I, Bianca B. B (yes, my name is an alliteration), as known as PolarisTheNorthStar, have murder or assassinated (she was important) 
Pearlie, my Wattpad crush. 

If by some supernatural force she decides to appear, let this message be ignored– otherwise, I killed her. 


The sociopath bookshark ASSASSIN. 

(Ps: I killed her by hitting her 85 times with my computer screen, and hide her body in my school gym after volleyball practice. She died of extreme hemorrhaging. Lesson: you don't mess fücking mess with a crazy fan girl.)