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Name Nikki
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Hiya people of le Watty world !
My name, is Nicole. Call me Nicole, and I will slit your throat.
Nikki. Nikki, is what I want to be called. Unless you wanna give me a nickname. I enjoy nicknames c:
I bet I totally just made myself come off as a bitch. Well, I'm a bitch. But I'm a cool bitch. One of those ones that you just have to be friends with. BE MY FRIEND PLEASE?!?!?!
Im 16 c:
Est. August 17
Beautiful since '95.

I'm not one of those girls thats totally insecure. Actually, I'm not really insecure at all. I'm pretty damn self confident if you ask me. I know I'm beautiful, and that God intended for me to be beautiful, and love myself how I am. 

I have a bestfriend. Shes really amazing. Her names Naomi c: Shes this short little blonde girl that I love with all my heart. She died part of her hair brown today. It looks weird, but she totally pulls it off.  @NaomiSmiles I love you girly <3 You're like the sister that I never had. You're the best

And then theres Marco , @iRockSkinnies . Hes pretty dope c:
 @youreafxcktard - Gabe. Nuff said.
 @BlahImJoey . 

Chris Brown
Demi Lovato
New Boyz
Lady Gaga
I See Stars
And A Lot More

Oh yesh, This bishhh is bisexual !  and le single

Bye !

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