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Name Mikaela(:
Location Eating food(;
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Well hello babe(; 
This is @ThatOneChick47 creating her account(:
-she's naturally a brunette but she dyes her hair a lot
- she's super gorgeous and skinny
- her fav bands are: 
Kreayshawn, Tila Tequila, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Maroon5, Lincoln Park, 3 Doors Down, Nicki Minaj, Green Day, Lil Wayne, etc. Basically anything awesome!
- hit her with some music and she will def listen
- She's a sweetie but don't get on her bad side or she really will be a bitch(:
- She's single and ready to mingle(;
- Yellow and Teal are the best according to her
- she's an Xbox girl(: Blackops(;
- I Swear, If you hurt her... I will rip off your fingers and feed them one by one to you and your mom! Mmmm smells like dead bodies?
Just like me she has A past that hurts her, secrets untold, and a life unlived.
Hit her up! She will respond! But keep in mind... I'm not afraid to hurt you(;

Meh bitches!!(: @ThatOneChick47.. This is my boo and you shall fan her!! @VivArt.. This sexy babe is the next person you'll fan(: @happybluehat.. She is an epic writer and a beautiful person inside and out!! Better fan her  @smexxyunicorn.. THE BE MY BABYCAKES!!! Mess with her her and I'll fuck up you face!! Love you babe(;


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I love how you make Charlie so realistic. There is a true fear of love from her. You don't make her a cliché geek who falls easily and I am...
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I LOVE IT!!!! I am so happy you uploaded(: now you have to keep uploading!! I can't wait for San to show up..(:
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