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Hey! So for starters, my name isn't really Nimueh Kwanten. Although that would be completely awesome! I got Nimueh from the best show on earth - Merlin, and Kwanten is the sexy Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) from True Blood. So yeah, my real name's Elizabeth, which is a little boring but hey, who can be upset that they have the same first name as the most AMAZING person on the planet? Queen Elizabeth II. I like Liz the first too, but I really admire Liz the second.... and her grandsons..... 

Anyway, I love reading and music and everything to do with reading and music, except I loathe English (the class not the language) and I can't write songs to save my life! I'm a bit of a maths nerd, and I love science! And music oviously. But I seriously believe that the BEST combination on earth is reading an awesome book, and listening to great music!

I love reading, especially romance and fantasy and books that are a little on the eery side, but not so weird that I'm majorly freaked, but enough to build suspense and yeah......... Vampires and werewolves all the way! Axe murderers?? Not so much.

So if anyone can recommend some cool music and good books and stuff that would be seriously great!

Books I love:
Mortal Instruments (just the whole bloody package!)
Vampire Academy (fully of sexy-ness)
Hunger Games (love the gore!)
and sooooooo many more!

Music I love:
Linkin Park
Heroes for Hire
Because They Can
again, sooo much more!

Game of Thrones
Sweet Home Alabama
I Am Number Four
ALL Harry Potter
Big Bang Theory
loads more

Hate - fake, rude, self centred, people who don't accept you for who you are, boring,
Love - romantic (guys only haha), supportive, creative, outgoing, open-minded, funny,

So yeah! That's me! I may be a little hypocritical at times, but I love what I love and I'm willing to stand up for how i think. Screw the people who call me different because, to tell you the truth, SANITY IS FOR BORING PEOPLE! :)


Living With The Jerk of the Century

Living With The Jerk of the Century

11 parts / 18 pages, updated Sep 02, 2012PG-13
Adriana Wilson has a decent life. Great friends, a loving family, epic school. She's pretty content with how she lives... that is until her brother's be... read more
5,721 reads votes 101 comments 65
Unexpected and Unwanted

Unexpected and Unwanted

1 page, updated Dec 06, 2011Completed
64 reads votes 5 comments 3
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