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First Rose

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Description: Danielle Summers is your average popular girl in Oklahoma. Danielle is known as the badass student, the only teacher that’s a challenge is Mr. Quade her history teacher who loves to make Danielle’s life miserable. After many attempts to make Qua...

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The Death Touch

The Death Touch

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Sixteen year old Christy Sanders is raped, when she tries to get the justice she deserves everything tur...

I like your blurb, as it gets straight to the main event, although your chapter is very short, which isn't really bad but it would be better well - as a reader for me for example- like decent long-ish chaps, anyway, I agree with @Anna_You  that some parts it isn't really clear on what the character is like or the story. I did like your scenario of how she feels about herself and sort of gives a hint on something is wrong, anyway, its a good read.
Nami761 commented on Wolf's Curse - Chapter 1

I like the plot of this book, and your writing is very unique and makes a good read. Although some errors were throughout the chapter some minor ones nothing a bit revision can't fix. Overall, nice job.