First Rose

Danielle Summers is your average popular girl in Oklahoma. Danielle is known as the badass student, the only teacher that’s a challenge is Mr. Quade her history teacher who loves to make Danielle’s life miserable. After many attempts to make Quade go insane, Quade finally catches her in his trap, Danielle gets herself a serious problem. Accidently setting her history teacher and her mother up, but just like with any other guy in her mom’s life, Danielle tries to get rid of this one as well. But this one turned out to be a threatening challenge, her plans to get rid of Quade backfires and come back to her making her life a living hell. As she realizes that he’s always one step ahead of her, she also doesn’t fail to notice that there’s something odd about Quade, something out of this world. What has Danielle gotten herself into thinking it was just a challenge but could possibly turn out to be a lot more notorious than she imagined?
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like like!! Oh my god I love this some editting needs to be done but hey im not one to talk I love it and I cant wait till you upload!!
You conveyed the emotion really well in this. I enjoyed it :] Just a little bit of editing needed with the dialogue but other than it was a spectacular read x]
Lol! I couldn't stop laughing! She was spying on her Mom and teacher! I like this story! Unique & hilarious! Feels like real life! =D
This is really good:) A few grammatical errors that can easily be fixed but an overall good job:)
This looks like a really interesting read! Unfortunately, my old computer doesn't want to load the next page! But I'll keep trying! Keep up the good work!
good plot has a humorous twist to it? :P lol just a few grammar errors but you can always edit :)

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