Hey, Guys

Hmmm...about me...lets see.

I love writing (obviously)
Reading and music are my obsessions. I love all kinds of music but I have a soft spot for the emotional ones, oh, and japenese too!
I'm basically a book worm. lol :P
BoyxBoy should really have its own genre.
My bffl's on here are PrincessJayde and MadInsidiousSheepGrl - Check out their stories!
People might call me a nerd but I prefer unique. ( The only opinion that matters is your own )
I joined wattpad so I could both share my stories on here, and vote and comment on others stories.
Ice-cream is delicious
Don't try and mix an omlet with bread crumb! (Failed experiment)
I tend to daydream a lot, hard to stick with reality.
The first story I ever read on here was probably 'He Was Cool' by Ari3ll3
Tried to teach myself piano (Failed)
Tried to teach myself Japanese (Double fail)
I hate rides that go upside down and refuse to go on the scissors at Luna Park - just ask Sheep Grl
Hate big rollercoasters (Scary)
Love the little haunted house exhibits at carnivals
Spring and Autumn are my time of year
I get embarrassed easily (Blush as red as a tomato)
Opinionated and very stubborn ( Once gave the silent treatment for 4 days )
Red is my favourite colour
Love people with green eyes ( Mine are brown )
I sing when no ones listening
And okay i think thats enough about me

Plz vote, fan and comment (especially comment) I'd love to know what u think!
Feel free to chat and msg me - it gets lonely on here when ur just reading ( puppy dog eyes)
Thank you to everyone who even bothers reading what I write, U guyz r AMAZING!

P.S. U fan, I fan

Happy Reading

XOXO ;-) call me Prastranda
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Whispers In The Night

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Description: What is light, To the night? To words on a page, Under the moon's watchful gaze? 12 o'clock, The Beginning and the End. 12:01am, Sleep has come, To undo the day's suffering, To welcome tomorrow's, In the hope that one day things will be different. ...

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A is for Accident - D is for Death

A is for Accident - D is for Death

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A new way to learn your A, B, C's...

Quiet Girl

Quiet Girl

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A poem of isolation


What's on your mind. Just pour it all out, don't keep it in.
I'm worried. Kent isn't handling things right and Noah won't know how to fix things and Chester is gonna do something freaky.
      Please don't make it a sad ending. I will gladly let you rip my heart out and tear it into little, minuscule pieces, eat it, then regurgitate it in a bloody mess on the floor. But please, at least mold the remains back into some semblance of a heart by the end. Or I might really die.
      I love this book so much, from the moment I stumbled upon the cover.
MusicIs4Eva commented on Take Me Out - Chapter Five

"I'd say I get it, except I don't. Me and my partner haven't really had problems like this, but I have plenty of experience from watching The Bachelor." He says.
Heeeyyy! Wait up a minute. Since when was he dating someone (that wasn't me)?
MusicIs4Eva commented on Take Me Out - Chapter Five

"Are you listening to me, Andrew? I said honest. As in, tell me the truth, not a vague notion that provides me with little insight. Express to me your feelings with words. And don't use the kind of w...
And there's my boyfriend
MusicIs4Eva commented on Take Me Out - Chapter Five

Around and around it goes, rubbing softly against the outside of the hole. I feel my excitement growing, getting closer and closer to the end. Slowing down, it finally pushes through it. I shout in e...
Oh that was brilliant