I write science fiction based in the realms of the 40k universe. Don' t know what that is? Well go ruin your financial security by investing in the game. One day, in the distant future I want to write for the Black Library. I'll save you the time of digging information up about my past, my name is Andrew. Drew or Andy both work. I live in America and have had a passion for writing since i was around five. I joined because either the people I live around are too ashamed to admit they read or because their too lazy to comment so i dont honestly know what people like.
     I dont like walks on the beach or getting caught in the rain. I live for soccer and swimming and driving fast and loud. My hobbies include painting and modeling miniatures for a table top game called Warhammer 40,000, thats also the very reason why I'm broke currently lol.
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Dead Men Walking: The Varincian Campaign

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Description: Suffering insurmountable casualties, the abused and defeated men of the 13nth Tolerian Siege Regiment's Thirteenth Company, nicknamed the "Lucky 13nth" limp away from their disastrous victory with new orders from the Supreme Command to consolidate t...

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Roots of Heresy

Roots of Heresy

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Fire Over Creovan IV

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Lucky 13nth, The Varincian Campaign

Lucky 13nth, The Varincian Campaign

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Sub-sector Bractan, The Imperium of Mankind, ever expansive but for all of it's multitudes of powe...

A Traitor's Redemption

A Traitor's Redemption

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