Hello beautiful! I am glad you stumbled on to my page. I write because it's my escape from this life that can be pretty overwhelming at times. In the past I have dabbled in Bieber fanfiction but I hope to branch out to other things like original works. If you have become a frequent reader let me just start by saying I am more then crazy grateful for you're support. I love you and you are perfection. Feel free to message me for reading suggestions or even just to say hi. I do follow back if you ask so go ahead and ask. Here are the things on my profile that I'm leaving as fillers because I'm too socially awkward to talk any longer. 

P.S. - Don't get me wrong, Bieber is still hot. I like the tattoos, strangely. 

"If you want to be smarter then a bowl, then you just have to think." 

Cherry Coke always. 

A word to the wise: "No one ever wants to sit next to that crazy person on the train or bus. So if one day you're on the bus and you can't find that one crazy person yapping away, chances are you're the crazy person yapping away that no one wants to sit with."

A little about Lacey...

Things I like: Matches, the ocean, love letters, new sweaters, my Chuck Norris t-shirt, collecting books, British you-tubers, trees, sketching things that don't make any sense, Big dogs, small dogs, swimming and all the while pretending I'm a mermaid, and slow dancing in public.
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Wild One (A Jason McCann Love Story)

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Description: Jason is a beast. And he knows it. Jason is dangerous. And he knows it. Jason can never be loved. And he knew that. Well, He did. He always thought that his appetite for a fresh kill was bigger then his need for love. And besides... He would kill he...

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The Five

The Five

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Meet Celeste... She's naive, young, and beautiful. And, well, she has a problem. She has known four boys...

I Told You He's a Slut

I Told You He's a Slut

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"When I was young, my father told me that girls were like toys. So easy to control, filled with possibil...

Endless: One Shots:) (Open/Still Taking Requests)

Endless: One Shots:) (Open/Still Taking Requests)

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I'm back;)

Ask Lacey

Ask Lacey

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Hey my lovelys! I'm trying something new. I'm taking YOUR questions! AND I'M ALSO TAKING ADVICE. IF YOU...

Hello lovelies! I would like to hear you're ideas on what kind of stories you would like to see written. Have any ideas? Comment below or shoot me a personal message to my inbox.  I'm open to anything my readers suggest. WANT MORE WILD ONE? Tell me below!