Hi I'm The LittleMadHatter,

Little-- Well, i'm practically a shortass, only reaching a height of '5"2 and a half (the half is important)

Mad-- I am truely mad, in the most creative and unique way, of course. 

Hatter--I love anything that has to do with fashion and using your mentail creativity. 

My real name is Carla, but my closest friends call me 'Kate' 
I'm a person who is obssessed with books, writting, drawing and expecially Fashion!
I'm one of those mentally creative types of people that just go insane. I'm pretty sure that my dog, Blakey, is sick of me annoying him all the time wanting to play and cuddle, he's seriously my love child. My family is truly crazy,  in diffrent ways. 

**Awsome Authors**
Shelbylw03-- Totally awsome stories.
nicollettenikki -- My much admired writer who i can look up to.
StreetChicStyle--- Who write very beautiful work.
mogli2013 -- Excellent writer.
hastiheartsyou -- A really great writter and person.
scarletblue -- One of my few Best and True friends (When she uploads her story you'll see why she's on my list) 
pumpkinbread-- A very entertaining and funny writer. 
Just-Nikki-- A great friend who writes brilliantly. 
blue_shadow-- A wonderful writer
WonderingMind-Fantastic scholar 
AlphaOmega-- Simply awesome
DarkAmbition-My ex-lover ;) and an awesome poem writer
LittlePoet-Just too cute
...and many more (look in my fan list) There's too many to list. 

 Anyway i hope i entertain you with my tales of fantasy whether is dark or a happily ever after :-D

My facebook : http://www.facebook.com/carlakate.neolau
My instagram: carladlaudani
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The Unwanted Wedding

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Description: Reyna Beilarosa, loved daughter of Lord and Lady Beilarosa, has found love with the mysterious Duke, Crisanto Ambrosio, But has love blinded her so much that she doesn't see the chance of the Duke using her as a toy to cure his satisfaction? Or is t...

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Destined Path

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Immortals Live Forever (Terminated)

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Short Tales of Random Prompts.

Short Tales of Random Prompts.

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A collection of short stories from the prompts people send me to do or small experiments I come up with.

Life moves slow, the world around does not

Life moves slow, the world around does not

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Hi everyone, I hope your week has gone by awesomely! Just a notification that I will be deleting Destined Path as I'm not really happy with it, so I'm going to think it over before I do decide to drop the story and go for a better idea. I have another story that I would love to write and I'm not sure I want to continue with Destined Path any further. I will let you guys know when the time comes. Stay amazing people!