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Hi I'm The LittleMadHatter,

Little-- Well, i'm practically a shortass, only reaching a height of '5"2 and a half (the half is important)

Mad-- I am truly mad, in the most creative and unique way, of course.

Hatter--I love anything that has to do with fashion and using your mental creativity.

My real name is Carla, but my closest friends call me 'Kate'
I'm a person who is obsessed with books, writing, drawing and especially Fashion!
I'm one of those mentally creative types of people that just go insane. I'm pretty sure that my dog, Blakey, is sick of me annoying him all the time wanting to play and cuddle, he's seriously my love child. My family is truly crazy, in different ways.
Anyway i hope i entertain you with my tales of fantasy whether is dark or a happily ever after :-D
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Twisted Minds (Private)

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Description: *Story is Private, any and all chapters of this story will be invisible to public unless you follow my account.* M 18+ Wrong place at the wrong time, young fashion illustrator, Alchemy Oliver gets kidnapped under mistaken identity for a mass thief f...


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Hi Awesome People!  Thank you to all those amazing people who have supported my new story Twisted Mind! It means so much to me, love you lots! 
      I'll be leaving to go to Hong Kong Fashion Week next Friday and be back on the 13th of July! I'll be all fresh and inspired o continue writing for a bit before I have to return my attentions onto my studying. 
      In the meantime, I'll try to update Twisted Minds as much as possible. I know it's complicated for some people  because it's a private story, but thank you to everyone who's read it and loved it! I hope everyone is achieving all their dreams and have happiness and love in their lives!
      LMH xx