Busy and temperamental, that would define me. I tend to  take on more than I can chew and I'm the queen of procrastination. I guess I need the pressure of the deadline to get started. But once I'm there I always finish, so don't expect me to stop writing, even if you are begging for it.
I am writing mostly for myself  (I need to practice my written english), and for my teenagers to have extra reasons to complain about me . Not that they are needing any. But you are welcome to like it, review it, comment and complain too. 
Allergies warning: my work is 100% free from highschool, dead guys, 6/8/10  packs, drooling girls, cheerleaders, same gender/family sex, good hearted players, arranged marriage, standard ending/plot.
Possible trace of hot guys/girls, soft hot scenes, nasty fight scenes, romantic stuff.
Ingredients: History, science, humor, sword fight, logic, past/future mix, war, plotting, warriors, twisted villains.
Proportions may vary.
Now you are warned!

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The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters)

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kingotto posted a message to JVernis
Hi. Happy new year. First I want you to know that English is not my first language so please forgive my poor grammar but I want to support you and tell you how much I appreciate your hard work. Your story are so different from other history fiction. It tell me what's really happen in that time not what the the reader want to see. This may be the reason why so many peoples fell so offended but this is history fiction so why judge the character base on modern culture?                                                                                                                    This is also the first stories that I read that (the man that support to be hero) whipped the heroine but after read your note I think I can understand that.                                                         

@sophiesing Actually, history channel isn't the best source for Viking age laws and customs, they take a lot of liberties with real history. There is at least one instance of a slave becoming queen in that era, and thousands of slaves becoming wives, especially in Iceland, where the best way to procure a wife was to get an Irish or English slave and free her. As long as she is freed before giving birth, the child will be free.
Hello and Happy New Year!
As you noticed, the next chapter of VT is up.  I corrected the number, it IS chapter 18 indeed. Just a word about the context as I'm getting very strong reaction about the content:
For Norse/Viking peoples , honour was everything. A man without honour was shunned, banned from society and could be killed at will. Public insults were a stain on a man's honour and had to be washed in blood. The only penalty was death. Volontarily soiling someone clothes was a grave insult. Women were unsually given a lot of leeway, they could be stubborn, have an attitude or a short temper and still be respected and courted but even they wouldn't get away with insulting a man.  Einarr is willing to go out of his way to keep Sunngifu alive, but he is left will few options. He must make her pay for it or be dishonored, which would be worse for him than death. 
In Anglo-Saxon society honour was important but not this much. Sunngifu doesn't understand what he is doing for her and only hates him more for it. Does it make more sense now?
For those of you who plan to read The Viking's Hold for free through Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Owner Lending Library, you might want to hurry as it will be taken out of these programs on the 15th of January. 
I'll be travelling tomorrow so might have another chappie of VT written. Merry Christmas to you all!