Busy and temperamental, that would define me. I tend to  take on more than I can chew and I'm the queen of procrastination. I guess I need the pressure of the deadline to get started. But once I'm there I always finish, so don't expect me to stop writing, even if you are begging for it.
I am writing mostly for myself  (I need to practice my written english), and for my teenagers to have extra reasons to complain about me . Not that they are needing any. But you are welcome to like it, review it, comment and complain too. 
Allergies warning: my work is 100% free from highschool, dead guys, 6/8/10  packs, drooling girls, cheerleaders, same gender/family sex, good hearted players, arranged marriage, standard ending/plot.
Possible trace of hot guys/girls, soft hot scenes, nasty fight scenes, romantic stuff.
Ingredients: History, science, humor, sword fight, logic, past/future mix, war, plotting, warriors, twisted villains.
Proportions may vary.
Now you are warned!

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Viking's Tribute

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Description: At sixteen, Sunngifu is more of a spoiled child than a dignified thane's daughter. She is destined to a life of wealth and power. Until her father fails to pay the Viking's tribute...

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The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters)

The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters)

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Sorry, I had a set back, lots of stress that triggered a serious bout of migraine. I'm better now and next chapter is more than half written, you should have it Thursday night. Thanks for your patience!

It has nothing to do with Stockholm syndrome. This was a common fate at the time, women knew they had to adapt or die. Many ended up happily married to their kidnapper. In some countries, it is still an accepted way to acquire a wife. In real life, she wouldn't have fought half as much, if at all, but rather tried to get on his good side.
Bluerose67 posted a message to JVernis
Hello??? When are you updating the Duke's Pawn? Such a beautiful story. Av read it twice over and I've been anxiously waiting to see an update but to no avail. Are we ever going to read the rest of this story on this site? Is there any site where I can get a free download of the complete story? Can't afford to buy it so I'd really appreciate it if I can get a free download somewhere. Waiting to hear from you, please I really enjoyed Vikings Hold and I will soon start reading Vikings Tribute so you can imagine how desperate I am to get the complete the Duke's Pawn story. Am waiting!
tomboylatte posted a message to JVernis
Yeah, we had great weather here over the weekend when the Clan gathered from miles around. Could fly kites and play outdoor games. Sixties and seventies Fahrenheit. Notifications OK, but one day my story is in the 20's and the next it can be somewhere in the hundreds. Makes one wonder.
Hi there! I hope you all had (or are having, depending where you are) a happy Paddy's Day. It was beautiful here on Ireland's West Coast, sunny, no wind, nice sea and plenty of surfers. Found a green tee-shirt for the occasion and had a walk on the beach. And now to work on my next chapter...
By the way, is Wattpad bugging again? I don't get alerts for my messages most of the time, receive them days later, and right now none of my books is ranked. The past few days the ranking was going up and down, for no good reason. Any of you experiencing the same?
Sooo, for those of you who didn't get the Wattpad alert, I uploaded another chapter of VT two days ago, so now you can jump on it (and vote, comment and all that jazz). Those chappies are short on purpose, so that you can get them more often.
Now, I got a few upset comments complaining that I didn't care about my readers and owed them to write faster. That goes way further than the 'please upload soon' that is ok with me. So for these particular readers, just a few precisions:
- I have a day job, work long shifts and commute 2h a day, so on those days I don't write.
- like most working mums, my priorites are in this order:
   *housework and grocery shopping
   *anything else that needs doing
   *writing and rest (yeah, right, who am I kidding, the last thing is virtual).
While I'd be happy to replace the second item by the last, it wouldn't be financially sound.
That leaves you with two options: you can wait patiently for those updates like all my other lovely followers, or you can tweete, facebook (is that even a word), blog and post on forums how great The Viking's Hold is, convince all your friends and family to buy it, and I swear that as soon as I'm rich and famous you'll get daily updates. How does that sound? (And why do I think everyone will be going for the first option)  :( 
Enjoy your WE guys ;) 
PS: next chapter might be a bit 'jalapeno hot' so beware...
ZauvjekTvoja88 posted a message to JVernis
I love your story Vikings Tribute and I have a question for you. Do you by any chance watch Vikings on the history channel? If not, you should. I think you would like it.