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Hello! I'm Katrina and I like doing a whole bunch of things, like reading and writing and doodling (I doodle terribly though) and video-editing and lots of other stuff. Sometimes, I dabble in photo-editing. Oh, and I love listening to music, too. :D 

I play the violin, I've been learning for almost a year now. :) I know how to play the piano, though I'm still learning the basics. It's a bit late for me to start learning how to play the piano, considering that so many other people start when they can barely walk. x)

Also, if you haven't noticed by now, I really like using emoticons. Sometimes people take what you say the wrong way, like they take offense at something you said when you were only joking, and it's better safe than sorry. xD

And sometimes, when people don't use emoticons and they aren't being particularly witty or anything, I tend to look at them as... stiff. No offense, though! It's the internet, it's alright to use a smiley once in a while!


See? That looks so cute. x)

...And now I'm rambling.

So anyway. Recently, I've been very picky about the books I read. I really don't like the more popular YA fiction books these days that have 'remixed' (for lack of a better word) supernatural creatures, cheesy love triangles as the center of their story, and/or really weird titles like Beautiful Darkness or something like that. I mean, I do like love triangles (I'm a fandom girl at heart, of course I like to ship xD), but I really don't like it when it's the only/main thing the story's about. A story needs a good plot and a whole lot of character development, please and thank you.

So, since I avoid those, now I read classics, historical fiction, science fiction, adventure, fantasy, some mystery and sometimes even horror. Once I read a murder mystery. It was brilliant.

Some of my favorite books are Crown Duel/Court Duel (by the lovely Ms Sherwood Smith),the Sherlock Holmes stories (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), and the Harry Potter saga by J.K Rowling. :)
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