Hey! I'm Kathaleeya, Kat, Leeya

.:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:.Let's Play a Game.:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:.

.:*:.Never Have I Ever: written a fake love letter to someone

.:*:. Proud Christian

.:*:. One of my biggest hobbies is learning languages. I love learning new words in English. Besides my mother tongue, I am learning Spanish, Italian, and Greek. I'm also conversationally fluent in Chinese, and I am perfectly fluent in sarcasm and irony.

.:*:.Music is honestly my passion. I'm a musician and a songwriter foremost. I can play the piano, guitar, ukelele, flute, and I want to learn drums. My dream career is to be a successful music producer.

.:*:.I'm only concentrating on one of my stories right now. All of my uploaded stories are rough drafts unless I contradict myself.

.:*:.Never Have I Ever: tried to tell a scary story with flashlights and other effects and epically failed.

.:*:.I'm very pop cultured, but in musical taste I'm pretty diverse. I love rock, pop, country, anything that sounds good, except for classical.

.:*:.I absolutely adore cats. They are beautiful, majestic creatures. I have one and she is the cutest thing that ever graced the face of the Earth.

.:*:.I go by a few different writing names, but you'll usually only see: Kat Crest or Kathaleeya.

Χ - Hiatus   Α - Incomplete   Ω - Complete
Changed - χ - Α
Pit of Fears - Incomplete - χ - Α
House of Graves - Incomplete - χ - Α
Masquemaker - Α

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Description: Six years. Six years since Alyse had first come to Carnevale Manor. Six years since she'd left behind the human world for dazzling beauty, flashing lights, and powers that defy reality. At Carnevale, Alyse helps run the Masquerade, a nightly party f...

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